SOOEW Chapter 331 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLXIII

Another person was stimulated by the words of the female Alpha. Wen Ying’s bracelet flashed nonstop, like a protest, but there was no sign of sound.

In front of the screen, Cyril looked at her directly into the camera, as if she were standing opposite him, and his heart beat harshly for a moment.

He was the Alpha chosen by the military headquarters, with the Swift family in the military field.

The personal terminal on his wrist sent the shock of the information bomb. All kinds of people contacted him through different channels. He stared at the girl in the virtual screen and casually dialed the contact number of the person in charge of the military headquarters.

“Cyril? You came to me about that Omega who doesn’t know the greatness of heaven and earth?” The other party was busy and spoke quickly, “Don’t worry, we won’t agree to this absurd request. Not only that, the organizing committee has decided to cancel her qualification. It’s ridiculous! The trial was to choose a partner for the powerful Alpha, not someone who will give birth. Do you want their partners to go to the front lines to have children?”

While the other party complained, he also admitted to joking with humor.

“Promise her.” Cyril’s low voice sounded from this paragraph.

“I know you are also dissatisfied with her, but after all, Omega is a scarce resource in society. We can’t.……wait, what did you just say?!”

“I said, promise her.”

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“.……are you kidding me? ! !”

“It’s very simple. If she has a problem with her partner, let me defeat her. It’s the most concise and effective way to deal with it. It’s also the most reasonable for the efficient military headquarters, isn’t it?”

The person in charge was stunned at his words and didn’t react until a long time later.

What partner! That Omega has only defeated two people, and they were not the final champion!


He figured out a subtle meaning from it. It was said that Miss Clark and Cyril grew up together from childhood. Cyril seemed to be interested in her. Does he think the other party was too unruly and wanted to tame his Omega?

The organizer agreed to Wen Ying’s challenge request, which once again attracted many curious, contemptuous and malicious eyes from all walks of life. Almost no one expected that the military headquarters would agree to this unreasonable request. Of course, there were rumors about the Alpha’s initiative to propose to add a game unrelated to the official game. Anyway, it was just a warm-up exercise for him.

However, even if everyone believed that the Omega will lose, they couldn’t help but put their eyes on it.

For the seriousness of the competition, there was no audience seat, only synchronous webcast. But perhaps because this was different from the formal trial, the organizers specially set up a stand, which indirectly shows their attitude —— this was just a farce. They were just tolerant and generous enough to play with the Omega.

One hundred thousand seats were hard to get, and the competition was fully booked on this day. This epoch-making competition finally kicked off under the attention of the public.

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