SOOEW Chapter 332 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLXIV

Cyril also uses a special S-grade mecha. The humanoid Silver Blue armor was fully armed, with smooth lines, exquisite and gorgeous. However, this mecha was completely different from his polite appearance. Above the head position of the mecha, there was a dual nuclear energy gun, which gave people a sense of awe. There were mechanical wings attached to both sides of the gun barrel, which had many functions such as locking on to the target and changing direction in the air. In addition, the most advanced energy weapons were installed in many positions such as the arms, waist and abdomen. Under the shadow of the tall body, it gave people a sense of supremacy.

In contrast, Wen Ying’s mecha, which was of the same S-grade, looked weak and small, as pitiful and lovely as herself.

The audience couldn’t help whispering. The logo of the Swift family was very conspicuous. It was obvious that the mecha came from his family, but the Swift family was not a construction factory. It was always only provided to people who they had interests with or were close. How did she come about this one?

They paid more attention to the relationship between them than the battle until Wen Ying launched an attack between lightning, stone and fire!

“Are you ok?” Cyril inquired gentlemanly.

Wen Ying smiled towards the virtual screen of communication, and spit out two words: “Any-time.”

The moment her voice fell, the body of the mecha moved. Almost in a flash, she came to the silver blue mecha. The light energy sword was handed out and cut to the bionic ligament between the arms and elbows of the mecha with the potential of thunder!

When Cyril reacted and avoided the attacks, two ligaments had been broken. She left as soon as she attacked, and there was no trace of her in the blink of an eye.

“Wow”, the audience was surprised. Unexpectedly, she had the courage to take the lead in the battle against an Alpha and succeeded!

Cyril’s reaction was not bad. He had locked the target before she fled and was able to track it in a short time. Even after she ran into the wreckage of the star ship set in the background, he soon had signs of a positive outcome under his search .

But just from the hit before, he noticed her change, “Your physique?”

Wen Ying, who didn’t want to answer, replied, “Yes, it’s S-grade now.” Then, in his pause of less than a second, she suddenly flew out and hit again!

The Alpha took a step backwards!

“S grade?”

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The conversation between the two people was also spread out synchronously and spread to the ears of the audience, which triggered a lot of discussion.

Ever since ancient times, it was rare for people’s physique to rise to S-grade by nurture. Most of them gradually rose under long-term exercise, but finally got stuck in grade A and can’t advance inch by inch. She could actually break through in one fell swoop!

In the audience, Donna, with her dazzling red hair, looked at the huge virtual screen hanging high in the air with a smile. The girl’s appearance while seriously fighting was particularly charming.

From C to A grade, she did it under exercise, but breaking through the gate depended on medicine. When they were exploding small fireworks, they suddenly found that there was a medicine that could “explode” energy in the body. As long as they could bear it, they would greatly improve their physique and have unexpected effects.

Therefore, she temporarily changed her mind and proposed to fight the Alpha face to face!

Before that, the difference in physique could completely divide the two people. She didn’t dare to think about it, because once she failed, she wouldn’t have a second chance to challenge the social stratification of ABO.

Now, even against Cyril, she could not lose.

Cyril was the most intuitive person to feel the change of her physique. Not long ago, they had a fight in the training hall of her school. At that time, his biggest feeling of attack on her was that she was decisive and straightforward, without procrastination, and every action was so clean and beautiful. But a threat to him?

He couldn’t remember clearly.

Now, with the advantage of taking the lead in exploring the terrain here, she attacked him from various tricky angles. The light of the light energy sword flickered and misled his sight in the dark place. He didn’t know from which direction he would be hurt by her sharp attack. Alpha, who has always been aggressive and overbearing, focuses on avoiding and giving way!

And her treacherous body movements brought him a sense of familiarity.

This method of not acting according to the card theory, after hiding in the wreckage, she used a two-stage attack, first breaking the wreckage wall, and then attacking the mecha with lightning, which reminded him of the “opponent” who had disappeared for several years!

He frowned, “……Chris’s ‘secondary attack ‘?”

If he remembered correctly, this move was his original creation and it was never circulated, disappearing with his “defection”.

How did she learn it?

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