WFILTU Chapter 436 – Younger brother-in-law III

TRIGGER WARNING – suicide / depression / death

Shu Lan’s mother has already fainted from crying. Shu Lan’s father seemed to age ten years all at once, and her younger brother, who is just in junior high school, collapsed on the ground and cried.

“Why is Shu Lan gone?” Xue Jiao’s voice trembled with disbelief and despair.

Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong don’t know how to appease her. How could they appease such a thing?

“Jiao Jiao……” they opened their mouths and could only say this.

Then they looked at her heartbreakingly with worried eyes.

Lin Zhihua squatted down in front of Xue Jiao, held her hand, looked at her crying and swollen eyes, and then said softly——

“Jiao Jiao, there is a saying – you never know which comes first tomorrow or an accident.”

Lin Zhihua put his hand on her face: “Anyone may have an accident anytime. A car accident, a terminal illness, a natural disaster, or even walking on the road may lead to a terrorist who hates society rushing out to kill. There are too many accidents. Everyone may have an accident. I can also. You see, I’m fine now, but who knows if there will be a sudden car accident tomorrow?”

Lin Zhihua just joked, but Xue Jiao was shocked by this sentence.

“No——” Xue Jiao’s sight was blurred by the water, covered his mouth and shook her head, “No, no.……”

At this moment, she was desperate and her heart sank again.

Car accident?

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Just thinking of this, Xue Jiao’s face lost color.

No way! Lin Zhihua has changed his fate. There will be no more car accidents!

Xue Jiao loosened his hand, hugged him tightly and cried, “Don’t die.……don’t die.……won’t.……”

She thought her heart was numb, but just as she heard Lin Zhihua’s words, it was still painful.

He squatted with a distressed face. She sat and hugged him.

The two snuggled together, one with heartache and the other with fear.

“Alright.” Lin Zhihua hugged her back and spoke softly, “You see, there are too many accidents. Shu Lan happened to have an accident. We can’t save her, so we can only try to let go. Maybe she will live a life without pain and suffering in another world. We will always keep her in mind. The dead are dead, but we still have to live well.”

Xue Jiao laid on his shoulder and cried.

She felt very painful and had many assumptions.

If Yu Cheng doesn’t try to commit suicide, and he followed his parents’ decision to go abroad, maybe Shu Lan will slowly get out of her painful love with him, and then meet a lover who won’t make her uncomfortable.

If Yu Cheng doesn’t take such measures to resist, if he was rational and thought of the right way to resist his parents, maybe he and Shu Lan would be together well, or maybe one day they will break up.

If Shu Lan didn’t hold Yu Cheng back today, Yu Cheng may have died. If Shu Lan didn’t fall down today, they could all live well……

So many ifs, so many maybes Shu Lan won’t die.

But life was like this. There were countless terrible and unknown turns. Perhaps after this turn was happiness or despair.

Unknown future, accidents that may come at any time, are a loss that people can never predict.

At this time, we can only cherish every day now and every minute and second while still living under the sun.

Cherish yourself and the people around you.

“Shu Lan——” Xue Jiao bit Lin Zhihua’s shoulder, looked at the half closed door and said goodbye to the young girl.

Shu Lan, maybe you, like me, will have a new life in another world.

There would be no tears, no obstacles there.

There is the love that you want, and the future you want the most.

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  3. I think the fact that Jiao Jiao transmigrated will comfort her about Shu Lan’s death. She can always believe that Shu Lan got a second chance and live a happy life in another world like her.

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