SAPPS Chapter 75


Something was wrong.

When Wei San came out of the dormitory building, she had a strange feeling. This feeling became stronger and stronger as she walked all the way.

Students came and went all the way. It seemed no different from usual. After a while, Wei San finally realized that they were too quiet.

Usually there were conversations everywhere on the road, but today she didn’t hear anyone talking all the way.

All the students of Damocles Military Academy wore uniforms, either military uniforms or training uniforms every day. Some students were lazy or busy, and their clothes were wrinkled on their bodies. Today, there was no such person. It seemed that overnight, everyone’s clothes had been ironed, neat, clean and positive.

Wei San looked down at her wrinkled military uniform. Now she was like a salty vegetable mixed in.

Under this sunny and positive atmosphere, Wei San was confused and walked towards the classroom.

As usual, there were all kinds of students’ postures as soon as they entered the classroom. Today, as soon as they entered the classroom, everyone sat and turned over their books. Wei San looked at the podium, and there was no teacher standing on it.

“What happened at school?” Wei San sat next to Nie Haoqi and asked.

Nie Haoqi turned his head and looked at Wei San. He was shocked and whispered, “Why aren’t your clothes ironed?”

“The school started to grasp at appearances now?” Wei San thought that more than half of the semester was over. Now they started to mess with this?

Nie Haoqi had seen the way that Wei San had her information derailed. He looked around and quickly whispered, “Major Li Ze is back. It was said that he came to bring S-grade mecha soldiers. He may stay in school for a period of time, and it has been spread all over the forum.”

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Wei San didn’t know major Li Ze. She didn’t have any psychological fluctuations at all. She asked, “Is he very good?”

Nie Haoqi: “……” Why does such a sentence come out of her mouth? There was always a kind of ‘Are you very awesome? Put down your figure’ type of mockery.

“Major Li Ze is a rare SSS grade mecha fighter. He performed well in the Hephaestus competition at the beginning. Finally, our Military Academy Damocles won second place in the total points for four consecutive years!” Speaking of this, Nie Haoqi looked excited, as if he had seen the strength of the major with his own eyes.

Wei San had thoughts: “He’s been second for four consecutive years?”

Nie Haoqi had a natural admiration for major Li Ze, He explained excitedly: “The Hephaestus competition is not a one-man competition. There are five people and a school team. The most important thing is the command and the mecha engineer. There are three mecha soldiers of S grade and above. The Imperial Military Academy has three mecha fighters of double S grade and above every year, and their school team is also better than us, even led by S-grade and above people. There is a gap in their own strength with ours. Moreover, the command of the Imperial Military Academy is from the Ying family, and our school often loses in command.”

“So many famous S-grades?” Wei San thought there was only one more S-grade above A-grade.

Nie Haoqi nodded: “The Imperial Military Academy has the best students every year. They must occupy at least one seat with a SSS class mecha fighter in the Hephaestus competition.”

On the contrary, the 3S class mecha fighters of Damocles Military Academy might not exist in every year.

The two didn’t speak for a long time, before the teacher came into class. Even the teacher seemed to be affected and was a lot more serious in class.


Wei San still had classes according to her schedule. She also had a mecha fighting class. The teacher was more regular and alway taught uniformly, and then let the students practice. He gave pointers on the side, the pressure of this class is not great.

“Into the mecha, I’ll teach you some moves today.” The teacher took the lead in entering the mecha and casually pulled the students next to him to demonstrate, “When the other party attacks your head, you should quickly step closer, like this……”

The teacher asked the students to attack his head. He bent his elbow, raised his arm and patted the students’ arm with his left hand. At the same time, he quickly retreated, twisted his waist, turned his wrist and waved his hand to attack the students’ face.

“Did you guys see clearly?” The teacher demonstrated again, “Alright, try this on each other.”

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