SOOEW Chapter 333 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLXV

Cyril had such a question in his mind, but he couldn’t ask it out under the intense competition.

If at the beginning, he was given time and energy to ask questions, then in the follow-up battle, Wen Ying’s pervasive and airtight attack caused strong pressure on him and he could only focus on fighting back. Once he was ready to fight back, the powerful Alpha showed an unmatched threat. The bullets he fired were like eyes. They were accurately nailed into the shell of Wen Ying’s mecha, causing countless explosions and a burst of smoke interfering with his sight.

The battle between the two was unexpectedly wonderful and intense. One side was an Alpha who accumulated experience over the years, and the other side was an Omega with unique insight. They fought fiercely and violently, with treacherous body shape changes and moves. They came and went, and robbed each other of the sovereignty of rhythm. The movements and rhythms of countless classic mecha battles can be seen here, which made people dizzy.

At least at this moment, the audience at the banquet has also been attracted by the scene, they were temporarily mute, and no one asked “why can an Omega do this?” “Was her constitution true?” “What is her mental strength?”

A series of expletive exclamations jumped out of their mouths——

“It’s too incredible. Who measured their movement speed? What about the accuracy of the attack? It was a fucking upside down spiral just now. It’s five-star military difficulty!”

“I’ve seen Cinderella’s game, and had chased every game! It’s really…….the speed of her progress is frightening!”

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“This is fucking addicting! ! !”

Just as people kept their eyes on the game, there was a sudden turning point in the high-speed battle on the field, which made people’s heart rise to their throat.

The nuclear energy of the silver blue mecha hit the belly of the feminine mecha and hit the position of the energy source!

The short interruption of the energy source made the mecha stumble, and there were very obvious flaws. She was able to avoid his next attack by outputting the maximum peak mental power. In the cockpit, the three-dimensional map suspended on the console gave a “Zi” sound, there was a moment of image dislocation, and then she quickly recovered as usual.

Wen Ying withdrew her mental strength, covered her violently beating heart and took a big breath.

Cyril was worthy of being an outstanding representative of Alphas. Fighting with him was like sinking into the deep sea. The huge pressure made people’s nerves tense. They couldn’t relax for a moment and almost forgot to breathe.

Just then, a magnetic voice that had not been heard for a long time sounded, with implicit surprise, “What just happened?”

“Chris? !” She was both surprised and delighted, but the thought of the strange and delicate atmosphere between the two of them before lowered her sudden joy. “It was I who was fighting Cyril and was hit by the energy source, which may have affected the soul piece.”

The soul piece was placed at the core of the energy source and was protected with the greatest strength.

She knew that he was struggling with the soul piece, trying to get rid of the confinement and control of the magnetic field, so she didn’t turn to him, but it was more difficult to fight Cyril than she thought.

“Cyril?” After a brief surprise, he laughed, “Sweetheart, you’re great. Don’t worry. I looked at it. You performed Garno’s emergency move of retraction, and 25% of the damage was OK. Do you need me to help you?”

“……I wish I could do it if I could, but——”

The meaning behind this battle was different. She can’t blindly pursue the truth that “her own victory was the real victory”. Cyril also has the support of soul pieces, but the real intelligent AI couldn’t be compared with Chris at all. It was about the gap between elephants and ants, so she hesitated.

It could be said that Chris was her ultimate nuclear weapon.

“En.” Chris seemed to be aware of his importance to her. He pushed back the happy smile he was about to show and encouraged her. “You can try it yourself first. I think we can have the last class.”


In her brief conversation with Chris, Cyril’s offensive did not stop. Of course, if he stopped, it would be a gentleman’s war, and the final result would not be recognized by people. So under the audience’s cold stare, Cyril’s electromagnetic knife has cut to the energy source that has just been broken!

Wen Ying suddenly made a strange move——

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