WFILTU Chapter 437 – Younger brother-in-law IV

Shu Lan was gone.

This fact was not accepted until Shu Lan was buried.

The girl who smiled calmly and hugged her while crying really left the world.

In the future, even if she walks all over the mountains and rivers and meets several girls named Shu Lan, it won’t be her.

They won’t be the girl who stood in the dormitory with a little timidity, smiling at her and asking her if she needed help.

Lin Zhihua covered her eyes. Xue Jiao didn’t see the first scene. She was sad and in pain, but she wasn’t afraid because of the blood color.

The school asked Mai Jiajia and Ding Qi to have psychological counseling for a period of time. They both saw the scene. The school was worried that it would leave a psychological shadow.

That scene was a real and terrible scene that they had never seen before.

Parents and schools hoped that psychological counseling could let them out of the haze, and their hearts will still be full of sunshine.

Xue Jiao took a week off and stayed at home. Li Sitong accompanied her every day and slept with her at night. Cheng Mingze spent most of his time at home. Cheng Shuo and Lin Zhihua almost moved their office to home and accompanied her.

She was hardly left alone and no one left her to suffer alone.

They all talked with her, comforted her, cooked delicious food for her and coaxed her.

A few nights ago, Xue Jiao always woke up crying. She always dreamed of Shu Lan, her voice and smile, that she was talking to them, that they were still chatting in a dormitory.……then she woke up crying in the middle of the night.

Li Sitong hugged her and coaxed her. It was like when she was a child, Xue Jiao had not grown up, and Li Sitong was still gentle.

During the day, Xue Jiao sometimes entered a daze. At this time, Cheng Shuo, Cheng Mingze and Lin Zhihua would always come out to tease her.

This was probably rare. Lin Zhihua and the Cheng’s father and son pair lived in peace.

“Jiao Jiao.” Lin Zhihua squatted next to Xue Jiao. She was distracted again.

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After a while, Xue Jiao turned and looked at Lin Zhihua.

She bit her lip gently: “She asked me to go first, so I went first. Why did I go then? If I didn’t go, would Shu Lan.……”

Lin Zhihua hugged her and said softly, “There is no if, even if you were in the dormitory, she would want to find Yu Cheng. You can’t stop her. She still would want to go.”

He paused and then continued, “Even if she knows something will happen to her, she will go.”

Unfortunately, she saved Yu Cheng, but accidentally compensated herself.

Xue Jiao bit her lower lip and didn’t speak. She cried so much these two days that she couldn’t even shed tears anymore.

“Accidents and casualties happen from time to time to save people. We are just ordinary people, not God. We can’t know what will happen in the future, and we can’t save all the people who have accidents.”

Lin Zhihua said, clasping his fingers with Xue Jiao, he raised their hands and gently kissed the back of her hand: “I’m a very ordinary person. I’m not a God. I don’t have a divine mind. I can only protect my Jiao Jiao. I also hope that when our Jiao Jiao does anything, you must be calm and take your life as first priority. No one’s life is more important than you here.”

“So, no matter what happens, keeping yourself from being hurt is my happiest thing.”

Lin Zhihua whispered, he had never been a saint. He only cared about Jiao Jiao.

His voice was very serious and full of love.

Xue Jiao leaned against him. After a long time, she whispered, “me too.”

“En?” Lin Zhihua was stunned and thought he had heard wrong.

Xue Jiao spoke softly, “Your life is also very important to me. I hope you can live well forever, accompany me to an old age and die behind me.”

Lin Zhihua trembled, as if he heard something incredible.

After a moment, his voice trembled and he said, “Jiao Jiao……what did you say? Did I hear you right?”

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