SAPPS Chapter 76

When he taught an action, he asked the students to learn it, practice with each other, and give good guidance before proceeding to the next action.

After the class was almost over, Wei San came out of the mecha. She wiped her sweat at will and inadvertently saw someone passing by at the door.

Wei San didn’t take it to heart. Jin Ke sent a message asking if she wanted to have dinner together. She bowed her head and replied with her light brain.


The training room seemed to be in a vacuum, and even the sound of breathing could not be heard. Wei San frowned and looked up, but she saw the young person at the door coming in, with several other people around him.

She turned her head and looked at the expressions of the teachers and students, and suddenly realized that the probability of this person being the Major named Li Ze was high.

“I’m just passing by. Don’t be nervous.” The young man’s voice was gentle, but his body carried the aura of death.

The teacher came forward and talked with Major Li Ze. The students were so excited that they were swinging their legs. They wanted to perform in front of the Major. Unfortunately, their training was over.

“Class is over.” The teacher waved the students away.

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Wei San was the first to go out. She didn’t know Li Ze. Even after listening to the other’s deeds, she didn’t feel much. After all, she had no concept of the Hephaestus competition.

However, the Major standing aside suddenly shouted to her, “The classmate in front, wait.”

The students in the back looked at Wei San, with irrecoverable envy and jealousy in their eyes. Did Major Li Ze take a fancy to Wei San?

Li Ze shouted at Wei San, then turned around and asked a teacher next to him, “What punishment does our military academy have for students who leave the school by climbing over the wall without authorization?”

“After deducting all current credits, the accumulated class hours will be invalid.”

The young man nodded, but his tone was still gentle: “This classmate left school over the wall last night. Please deal with it.”

Wei San: “? ? ?”

The other students who were reluctant to leave: “? ! !”

Li Ze saw the student looking at himself and smiled gently: “What’s the matter, you disagree?” The tone was gentle, but the content was indisputable.

Wei San watched the teacher next to her come and opened her light brain system to find the corresponding photos and names. She received a notice of clearing the credits and class hours from the Academic Affairs Office on the spot.

The students of Damocles Military Academy have a calculation of credits and class hours every semester, which could basically be regarded as grades. After each class, the teacher would give the students credits. Until the end of the term, the students would be qualified only after they get the corresponding credit value and class hours.

It meant that Wei San had studied in vain for most of the semester. In itself, she stepped on the edge of credits to choose courses. Now they were finished it directly. She could only make up for it if she fought with her all to go to class every day.

Wei San walked to the fifth canteen in a trance, so……someone was really following her last night?

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    • I mean to be fair, she hopped a fence to go to a bar

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  4. it’s so unrealistic that the university is really worried about attendance. lmao, in my university, you can not go to any pair, but pass the exam for the highest score.

    • This would be more like a military academy. They care a whole lot more about discipline and training because these students are meant to eventually be in real combat.

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