SOOEW Chapter 334 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLXVI

She stooped down and hid. Her arms were originally propped on the grass to make the most conventional avoidance action, but before the electromagnetic knife revived, at the moment when it passed by the waist and abdomen of the mecha, the girl’s mechanical arm strangely rotated 360 degrees due to the 180 degrees. At the moment when she lost her balance and her shoulder collapsed, she suddenly grabbed the electromagnetic knife! Caught off guard, her legs kicked heavily on the silver blue mecha. With the help of the body weight of the mecha, she made a balance conversion and replaced her position!

When Cyril regained consciousness, they had both fallen. She stood with an electromagnetic knife in her hand, while the silver blue mecha crashed to the ground and accepted her gaze.

The audience was stunned, “What was that just now? !”

“Oh, my God!” Cinderella’s fans laughed excitedly and exclaimed, “the real magician!”

Real mecha battle enthusiasts could see that the action just now is very difficult. The subtle adjustments made to achieve the purpose of balance were extremely spiritual, but the most valuable thing was her creativity. Yes, genius creativity! The reason why humanoid mecha was popular and had the strongest attack power was that it could do what people could do.

But can people do it with 360 degree arm rotation?

They cannot.

So in conventional combat, no one would think of doing so. But what about mecha? It can! The action that the robot arm could produce was far beyond people’s imagination. It could be said that the reason why ordinary mecha couldn’t do it was because people didn’t think of it!

But this blow surprised Cyril far more than others’ analysis, but——


This was a blow that best reflected Chris’s style. They have known each other since childhood. He may not be able to understand Chris’s moves, and he can’t be completely sure of the differences shown by gender. But in this style, he had only met Chris, this one person.

His style was that there was no style, or what he was best at was to break other people’s imagination and surprise people.

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At the thought of this, Cyril’s heart suddenly shrank. Therefore, he missed the best chance to escape and was heavily hit by the mechanical fist from the feminine mecha on his energy source!

The audience heard the biting sound of the mechanical impact again, and their scalp numbed. They recalled the fear of “being dominated by an Omega” during the Omega and Beta game, and almost thought that the game would be repeated. Fortunately, Cyril was different from the other beta after all. After paying certain damage conditions, he soon got out of the control of Wen Ying.

The audience suddenly found that the following competition was more intense than just now!

Cyril had completely aroused his fighting spirit. A sense of threat, a sense of threat from his opponent, which had not been felt for a long time. He remembered his fight with Chris. Ever since the other party “defected”, no one could bring him such a feeling anymore.

And the questions buried in the bottom of his heart broke out with the attacks again and again!

Where did she learn it? She knew Chris? What was her relationship with Chris?!

The same was true of Wen Ying. The sudden explosion of Cyril, who had room for her in her bones, not only shocked her again, but also stimulated her strong desire to fight. Every cell of her body was mobilized. Her mental strength was highly concentrated and continuously output, supporting her to create the most powerful attack!

The high-speed battle almost turned into a virtual shadow. The spectacle of the game made every audience stunned.

However, although such a battle made people feel happy, the mental and physical strength consumed has also reached an amazing level.

Someone made a heartfelt sigh, “Even if this Omega loses, I think she may also be the greatest female Omega in the century.”

This feeling was not only admiration for Wen Ying, but also directed people’s judgment of the situation. Compared with Cyril who has received military courses and countless practical exercises, Wen Ying was still a little inferior in the durability of high-intensity combat.

Later, the rhythm was gradually mastered by Cyril.


As soon as she made a call, she forced herself to stop her voice. The deja vu situation made her pause for a moment. At this time, Cyril’s particle robe came like a thunderbolt, aiming at the abdomen where the energy source was located!

At the moment of lightning, stone and fire, the high danger made Wen Ying’s very tired mental power produce an extremely clear cognition.

If she gave up the protection device of her abdomen and focused all her energy on the weapon launch, she was likely to destroy the other party’s cockpit in one fell swoop! The cockpit was the last line of defense of the mecha. For the mecha, it was equal to the status of energy source.

However, the soul piece was at the core of the energy source……

She bit her teeth and gave up the plan.

There must be another way!

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