WFILTU Chapter 439 – Younger brother-in-law VI

Although Shu Lan’s death really couldn’t be calculated on Yu Cheng’s head, she did leave because of him. As a result, the person didn’t appear from beginning to end!

Lin Zhihua paused for a moment and then said: “I’ll send you guys.”

So Lin Zhihua drove with Xue Jiao to find Mai Jiajia and Ding Qi.

When the three met, they were stunned. Xue Jiao subconsciously said, “Why have you all lost so much weight?”

Mai Jiajia pulled out a smile: “You’ve also lost a lot of weight.……”

Indeed, they were all thin, but Xue Jiao was more distressed for them. She came forward, holding one in one hand and holding them tightly.

The three of them sat in the back with their hands clasped and snuggled up to each other, while Lin Zhihua drove in front.

“Yu Cheng never appeared?” Xue Jiao’s tone was cold.

Mai Jiajia and Ding Qi’s faces were cold at the same time. Ding Qi sneered: “The Yu family is really good. They took the money to Shu Lan’s parents. Yu Cheng didn’t appear during the whole process!”

Mai Jiajia sighed and said, “Shu Lan’s parents didn’t want money and wanted to pursue Yu Cheng’s responsibility, but.……”

She didn’t finish, but the three knew that Yu Cheng couldn’t be held responsible legally.

In the monitoring, it can be seen that Shu Lan herself entered Yu’s house and stretched out her hand……

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“This is too cheap for them!” Ding Qi gnashed her teeth.

“The teacher negotiated privately and took the money as the pension money for Shu Lan’s parents.” Mai Jiajia sighed, “Fortunately, Shu Lan has a brother, otherwise what hope does uncle and aunt have?”

Xue Jiao also breathed heavily and sighed, “It’s really……unfair.……”

Ding Qi sneered: “Isn’t it. People like the Yu parents are still alive, but Shu Lan.……”

The three almost reddened their eyes together. Mai Jiajia inhaled deeply and changed the topic: “Did the school teacher tell you that it’s best not to mention Shu Lan after returning to school?”

Xue Jiao nodded: “They spoke of it.”

Ding Qi also nodded: “Yes.”

All schools try to keep a low profile in dealing with such matters, so as not to cause unnecessary emotions.

“Jiajia, do you still live on campus? My mother won’t let me live on campus.” Ding Qi suddenly said, looking a little sorry.

Mai Jiajia nodded and whispered, “It’s all right. Just don’t live on campus. Jiao Jiao, don’t live on campus either. I’m going to move to the downstairs dormitory. There’s an empty bed and they all are people I’m familiar with.”

If they still lived in that dormitory, they would always feel sad and think of that girl.

“That’s good.”

Xue Jiao clenched their hands and whispered, “Shu Lan has gone. We will always remember her.”

“En!” They answered, clasping their fingers tightly, leaned against each other and warmed each other.

While driving, Lin Zhihua looked in the rearview mirror and spoke softly to the girl sitting in the middle——

“Look to the future and let that which has passed, be.”

The three nodded.

This was the first time they have experienced such a close person suddenly leaving, but no matter how sad they are, they still have to move forward.

Even if they accepted it slowly, they should still accept it slowly.

The car moved forward smoothly, but Ding Qi suddenly said, “This is not the direction to Yu’s house!”

Xue Jiao looked up in surprise and looked at Lin Zhihua.

“You went the wrong way?”

Lin Zhihua shook his head: “No mistake. Yu Zhengguo, Su Qing and Yu Cheng don’t live there anymore.”

“Ah? Where have they gone!”

Lin Zhihua sighed and whispered, “You’ll know when you guys arrive.”

The car moved smoothly until they stopped at the side of the road.

They looked up and were stunned.  

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