SOOEW Chapter 335 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLXVII

There may be other ways, but there was no more time for her to think. That shell, like a meteorite, collided with the protective film of the mecha she opened. The violent collision rubbed out crackling electric sparks and quickly broke through the protective film. At this critical juncture——

There seemed to be a sigh in her ear, and then there was an over-current tingling feeling on her scalp. It seemed that her mental power to control the mecha had been replaced by others.

“Chris? ! What do you want to do!”

“I didn’t expect.……” he paused. The powerful 2S mental power made the mecha glow again. All the energy was concentrated on the weapon with a more terrible value than Wen Ying imagined. The white light accumulated, and the protection mechanism was removed from the abdomen, which almost exposed it to the fire attack like a baby!

Finally, Wen Ying heard his magnetic voice falling into her ears like a light feather.

“If my betrayal at that time made you unable to trust others at such a critical moment, then I hope there is still a chance for me to make up for it.”

Wen Ying’s eyes suddenly contracted.

She suddenly understood what he wanted to do, but he hasn’t separated from the soul piece yet. If the soul piece was damaged, his soul may also be irreversibly damaged!!

“No you can’t, stop——”

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With a bang, the energy of the two powerful thermal weapons intertwined, and the light shone brightly and directly onto the audience. It was completely white in front of everyone. When they recovered their vision, the victory and defeat had been divided on the field. The silver blue mecha fell to its knees and couldn’t stand up again. The mecha controlled by the Omega had a huge hole in her abdomen, but she still maintained her final balance and stood shakily.

After a burst of gunsmoke, Donna took the lead in clapping in the audience, and then countless people’s applause merged into the ocean of sound.

Allen, who was sitting in front of the screen, kept suppressing his inner excitement and clenched his fist. Watching up to here, he suddenly burst into tears.

Host: “What has been the reason for winning this battle?”

“There are many, the biggest reason is that I want to improve Omega’s situation, and I have made a great determination to do so.”

“What do you think of Mister Allen who has the same view as you? Compared with the support you have received, he has received half good and bad comments on the Internet. The biggest dissatisfaction with him was that he concealed his gender and entered the military department of the highest military university, which was very different from your openness.”

“I think it has a lot to do with people’s living conditions. I live a rich life and have strong backing, so I do whatever I want. But he doesn’t. Yes, he concealed his gender, which was a very bad decision and doesn’t take the safety of the public into account. I once also thought so, but later, I changed my point of view. If he couldn’t hide his gender, he may have lived on that barren planet all his life. If society failed to give him kindness, how can he have enough kindness to give back to society? If the Federation could launch the sealed individual mecha suitable for Omegas earlier and give Omegas the opportunity to enter the military department, he would only make the most common decision. It’s hard for me to judge his right or wrong. At least, being an Omega is not wrong. “

Her underlying meaning was so sensitive that the host immediately changed the topic.

“I heard you also joined the Pharmacist Association, didn’t you?”

“That’s right, recently, we created.……”


The interview regarding the strongest Omega in the new century could be seen everywhere on the huge electronic screen of high-rise buildings. On the roads extending in all directions, maglev trains that came and went, and there was also a naughty teenager who wore a duck tongue hat. The buoyancy skateboard slid across the host’s face on the electronic screen. He was in a state parallel to the ground and stopped to watch the gentle smiling Omega. She has become the idol of many people, not just an Omega.

It was not until the star police came forward and scolded him that he suddenly regained his mind,

stuck out his tongue and slipped away on the skateboard.

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