SAPPS Chapter 78

There were the most guards near the gate, but they were also the ones with the weakest vigilance. Who would have thought that someone was brave enough to climb over the wall near the main gate.

As long as Wei San avoids those guards and doesn’t let them find out, she can successfully flip over.

In order not to repeat mistakes, Wei San gave full play to what she had learned all her life and jumped over very fast.

A twelve member convoy passed by.

“What happened just now?” Someone at the end of the convoy turned back.

“The wind is blowing on the tree. You’re so timid.” The people in the same row laughed, “Major Li Ze is here. Who dares to climb over the wall?”

“Didn’t that Wei San climb over the wall yesterday?”

“Yesterday was yesterday, and that Wei San was also unlucky. Major Li Ze discovered her climbing over the wall.”

The unlucky Wei San they spoke of was already on the corner of the wall and took the opportunity to climb over again.

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This time, Wei San still made a big circle before going to the underground factory. The shopkeeper didn’t eat noodles today, but stood at the door of the store waiting for her with her drawings.

“Boss, are all the feathers in?” Wei San asked as soon as she came in.

“The feathers you want are of different sizes and need to be proofed again. The reply over there said that they can only arrive tomorrow.” The shopkeeper handed the drawing to Wei San. After hesitation, he reminded, “Don’t give it to others casually.”

When he went to purchase the goods that day, he opened the drawing of Wei San. As a result, he found that there were not only the model size of feathers, but also other designs.

“It’s nothing important. I remember everything.” Wei San doesn’t care. There was no patent right in this world. Besides, she made changes on the basis of others. There’s nothing to hide.

The shopkeeper looked at her strangely: “I didn’t expect you to be an open school.”

The vast majority of mecha engineers want to hide their design data for a lifetime and only produce results, but so few mecha engineers will disclose their data and make it into open source materials for everyone’s reference.

This kind of mecha division was called the open school.

“Boss, how do you paint this mecha?” Wei San looked at the mecha on the console. This was her first time to accept a task. She wanted it to be perfect. The underground factory’s mecha was all black, and the broken cloud wing feather she wanted was white gold. It’s not very good to place them together. It’s better to change the color of the mecha to white gold.

The shopkeeper listened to Wei San’s meaning and looked at her suspiciously: “You also have aesthetics?” Last week, I don’t know who created a “colorful” mecha.

Wei San had no expression on her face: if it was not due to poverty, who doesn’t have a high-level aesthetic.

“If you want to match the white gold with broken cloud wings, it’s expensive.” The shopkeeper quoted a number.

Wei San: “…” this was obviously highway robbery.

“The minerals used in this color are rare and always expensive. Do you want any more?” The shopkeeper thought that painting was dispensable, that was, there are many rich people.

Wei San was silent for a long time and finally said yes.

“Do you really want to?” The shopkeeper didn’t think it was in line with her stingy style.

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