SOOEW Chapter 336 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLXVIII

He was also an Omega. If it weren’t for this epoch-making battle, maybe he wouldn’t have the opportunity to participate in the buoyancy skateboard competition openly——in the past, all sports had nothing to do with the weak Omega.

In another part of the central planet, a celebration ball was beginning.

This is the celebration carried out in the name of Wen Ying winning the double mecha competition, after defeating Cyril, she rejected the organizer’s offer to win directly. She wanted to follow the formal procedure and beat the Beta competitors one by one. Through the many competitions, the voice of doubt in society is just becoming invisible. Those who thought there was something fishy in the game and wouldn’t admit defeat finally bowed their heads.

With the development of human beings, Omega’s gene was getting stronger, which was an undeniable reality, but the social system did not evolve, and still stayed in the stage of suppressing them, providing them only the road of procreation. If not Allen and Wen Ying, but other Omega would eventually break the inherent order, which was a historical necessity.

Of course, pheromones and oestrus were still an urgent problem to be solved.

The atmosphere at the party was warm. Wen Ying, as the new person with the highest public recognition, was very popular among them, and many people followed suit and flattered her. Among them, many families hoped to marry her and came to beat around the bush.

The Clark family thought it was a rare commodity, but they couldn’t make a statement until they held the celebration party for her this time.

At the ball, Cyril, dressed in formal clothes, approached Wen Ying at the dinner table and issued a syllable of inquiry, “I think you’ve been in a bad mood lately.……”

“It’s nothing.” Wen Ying shook her head.

As soon as she drove away wave after wave of people and wanted to eat quietly, she was disturbed again and had no choice but to put down her plate.

“That’s right.” After a meal, Cyril said, “There’s a question I’ve always wanted to ask you.……”

Wen Ying had just wanted to raise her head and ask him, when suddenly, she turned her eyes to the stage.

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At the beginning, the host counted her great achievements from mecha battle to pharmacist specialty, and then invited the owner of Clark family to make a speech on his behalf, and made an impassioned speech, which attracted everyone’s applause.

At this point, she, who was standing at the dinner table safely and suddenly felt something wrong.

She looked up and noticed the owner’s overly excited smile. The sagging muscles on his face were almost glowing like it created fresh cheeks, which seemed inexplicably excited. Soon, her bad intuition was realized——

“Next up, I’d like to announce exciting news. In the near future, the Clark family will unite with the Swift family through marriage!”

As soon as the news was released, it was like dropping a small bomb, which detonated the atmosphere at the table, and everyone warmly began to discuss it. Needless to say, if the super star family can condescend to marry the second-class star family, the bride must be Beatrice Clark, as for the groom——

Cyril lived up to expectations, stopped the question reaching his mouth and turned to Wen Ying. He was dressed in a suit, polite, with a smile on his mouth and a rose in his hand. His blue eyes stared at Wen Ying under the stage, “Bi’er, if I can, I hope to walk hand in hand with you and fight side by side in the following days.”

They were candidates for the double mecha and were about to become partners. This remark meant a pun.

However, contrary to Cyril’s expectation, the Omega, who always liked to chase after him, did not show the expression of joy he imagined. On the contrary, her expression was somewhat coagulated. After a disturbing pause, she opened her mouth.

Suddenly, the door of the ball was opened again, and everyone’s eyes were still focused on Wen Ying. They didn’t notice that the Omega, who was in the center of the line of sight, suddenly opened her eyes, and then showed an expression like crying with joy, and her eyes were quickly stained with watery mist.

Under everyone’s inexplicable sight, she rushed to the man at the door, nearly running.

At the gate, the person was dressed in military uniforms, but he was dressed very informally. The coat with the meritorious shoulder badges was casually hung on his elbow, two shirt buttons were loosened, and the military trousers were casually stuffed into his cowhide military boots, which was very uninhibited. The pure black and messy hair on his head was mixed with water vapor, as if he came in a hurry from somewhere. His face was extremely handsome, and his flying look added a luster to him. It seems that countless stars were filled in his raised eyes.

He caught her, with black eyes and a charming smile: “Hi, sweetheart.”

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