WFILTU Chapter 441 – Boyfriend II

TRIGGER  WARNING – talk of mental illnesses

After a moment, when he saw the other’s face, the boy pushed her away with a disappointed face, looked around blankly, and shouted loudly——

“Shu Lan? Shu Lan, where are you? Shu Lan!”

He noticed Xue Jiao and them at the entrance of the elevator and suddenly struggled: “Shu Lan! Shu Lan came to see me!”

The medical staff held him tightly to prevent him from running around. The doctor comforted him: “Shu Lan is in the ward. I’ll take you. I’ll take you. You be good.”

“No——” the boy struggled desperately. “Shu Lan is there! Shu Lan——”

Seeing these rotten things stop him tightly, he bowed his head and scratched and bit randomly.

“Tranquilizer! Hurry! Tranquilizer!” Cried the doctor.

Next to her, the woman knelt on the ground and cried loudly: “Son——”

The man also looked decadent and collapsed weakly, “If only I knew.……if only I knew earlier.……”

If I had known earlier, I would have agreed to let him be with Shu Lan!

But the world not only has no if, and also has no if I had known earlier.

Yu Cheng was forcibly sedated and sent back to the ward. Yu Zhengguo and Su Qing stumbled in and didn’t notice them at the entrance of the elevator the entire time.

There was only one crazy son left in their world, and they hardly noticed anything else.

“He.……” Ding Qi opened her mouth and paused, not knowing what to say.

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Mai Jiajia was also stunned, with a blank expression: “Yu Cheng has become like this?”

Xue Jiao leaned gently against Lin Zhihua. The other party hugged her and patted her gently.

She was a little confused. When she didn’t know about Yu Cheng’s situation, she wished Yu Cheng would die directly at that time. Don’t let her Shu Lan die instead of him.

But after seeing that Yu Cheng went crazy, she felt some unspeakable pain.

The boy that Shu Lan traded for her life finally lived in this world under punishment.

In the end, no one is happy.

Xue Jiao closed her eyes slightly and put away all her emotions.

Lin Zhihua patted her on the side of her head and said softly, “If Yu Cheng dies, the Yu family and his wife would be very uncomfortable, desperate and painful. Such pain may become eternal pain in their hearts. But ten or twenty years, with the passage of time, it will fade one day.”

“But Yu Cheng lives in such pain and suffering. He will alway remind his parents of what kind of mistakes they have made before. It is themselves who have caused their child to become like this. Yu Cheng will always remind them if he will always be like this.”

After Lin Zhihua’s words, Ding Qi gritted her teeth: “They deserve it!”

Xue Jiao breathed heavily, and then whispered, “Let’s go. There’s nothing good to look at here.”

Mai Jiajia nodded and Lin Zhihua drove away with the three.

“Jiajia, Qiqi, what are your next plans? When will you go back to school?” Sitting in the car, Xue Jiao looked at them.

“Tomorrow, I’ll continue to study. I have to take the TOEFL test. When I’m a junior, I’ll try to get a place to study abroad.” Ding Qi said softly, looking out of the window.

Mai Jiajia said, “I’m will also attend tomorrow. I have to study hard, wait until I graduate from college, and go back to my hometown to run a school.”

Xue Jiao looked at them and gradually grew a smile on her face.

The proud Ding Qi with her chin up and the cute Mai Jiajia with lollipops were now haggard and melancholic.

But they have not forgotten their wishes and dreams, and have not been devastated by Shu Lan.

Xue Jiao held their hands and nodded firmly: “Everyone work hard, let’s continue our efforts.”


Mai Jiajia and Ding Qi also pulled out a smile.

Life was still continuing on. They will try to forget unhappy things, and those who should remember would always be remembered in the heart.

Shu Lan got off the long and short life train. They still have to move on and move forward towards their dreams.

At the same time, the three relaxed and tried not to talk about Shu Lan.

The car continued towards its destination.

When she was about to arrive at Ding Qi’s house, Mai Jiajia suddenly raised her eyebrows and looked at the man driving in front: “Jiao Jiao.……don’t you need to give a formal introduction? Is this our younger brother-in-law?”

Ding Qi trembled in her heart, stretched out her hand and pulled on Mai Jiajia, her expression stiffening.

Lin Zhihua also stiffened, because he found that after he established a relationship with Xue Jiao, his generation was reduced again and again.

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  3. Even if it was YC that died, SL would’ve been traumatized and depressed for the longest time seeing how much they cared for each other. There is no better alternative of either of the two.

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