SAPPS Chapter 79

“Want, if I do it, then I have to do it well.” Wei San’s own mecha can barely pass, but now that she has accepted the task from West Landing, she wants to do a good job.

At the end of almost every night, Wei San could pull out a watch and ask the shopkeeper to help purchase goods. 50 million star coins were spent like running water.


Due to the clearing of credits and class hours, Wei San’s schedule was now full. She ran wherever the credits were high. The key was that no matter where she went, everyone knew that Wei San was a person who had been personally named and punished by Major Li Ze, and she had a new title——the king of climbing the wall.

No one climbed over the wall, yet she turned over it ‘vigorously’.

Since she was called ‘the king of climbing the wall’, Wei San was sorry for the title if she didn’t continue to turn over.

Li Ze probably didn’t expect that any students would dare to continue after he called her out, so Wei San climbed out very smoothly in the next few days without anyone noticing.

As soon as class began today, Chen Ci passes by Wei San, in an unclear tone: “the king of climbing the wall?”


The students nearby couldn’t help laughing. It’s too humiliating to think about it.

Wei San had a thick skin. She doesn’t feel ashamed and was unmoved.

“The shooter’s seat hasn’t been obtained yet. First, leave your name on the Major’s side. Wei San, I underestimated you.” Chen Ci swept around the students in the class, “Don’t laugh. That night you were all busy sorting out your instruments and ironing clothes. Only Wei San ran to the north side to display in front of the Major. You were on the first floor, but she was already on the fifth floor.”

Wei San: “.…..” She really didn’t.

Today, Chen Ci didn’t start with the students, but arranged interference training for them to complete.

Everyone stood in the high temperature, facing countless targets and strong winds. All the kinds of factors that affected shooting accuracy seemed to be gathered together. Wei San stood in place, raised her arms and quietly looked at the target opposite.

Chen Ci inspected the students’ achievements, then stood in a place and said slowly, “The school will choose ten shooters at the end of the term. If any of you can get one seat, I can give you 30 extra points.”

Thirty points? !

Wei San’s mind moved, her arm moved slightly and hit the bull’s-eye.

After taking Chen Ci’s class for one semester, her points were only ten at the end of the semester, which was still high among other teachers. At that time, Wei San chose it against the many credits she gave, and the accumulated training hours can also be converted into credits. Wei San calculated the credits and hours well before, stepping on the edge of passing, with more than 60 credits.

Now she could get 30 points if she gets the shooter’s seat. If she gets it, she could take a lot less classes.

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Wei San immediately came to her senses. She was sure of being the shooter.

“The school team has a total of 1000 people, with only ten shooters.” Chen Ci seemed to like chatting, attracting the students’ attention. Someone had just listened to her, leading to miss the target. “These ten shooters will be the most important part of the school team. If they cooperate well, they will bring an important victory to the school.”

“Teacher Chen Ci and Major Li Ze are in the same class.” The classmate next to Wei San whispered gossip, “In those days, Teacher Chen Ci was on the school team and tied with the Imperial Military Academy team several times in the Hephaestus competition. Once, because of the seconds won by teacher Chen Ci, Major Li Ze defeated the people of Military Academy Samuel, and our school got points.”

“You’ve lost your target.” After playing 20 rounds in a row, Wei San said to the students next to him.


Chen Ci looked at the students: “but the selection of the school team is facing the whole school, not a grade level, strength first.”

“Teacher, it’s not fair. We just came to the school for the first semester. The senior brothers and senior sisters have been training for a long time.” A student shouted.

“Really? I was selected into the school team and only entered the school for one semester.” Chen Ci lowered her head and played with her fingers. Then she made a gun with her hand and raised it to aim at the students. Her eyes were cold. “The Hephaestus competition is more unfair and cruel than this. You’d better prepare yourself for death or disability first.”

Wei San was staring at the target and didn’t look at Chen Ci. After all, the grades of each class are very important to her. If she gets an excellent grade at the end of the term, she could add an extra credit.

In order to have fewer classes and make time to learn mecha knowledge, Wei San has begun to use everything.

When she heard what Chen Ci said, her heart didn’t fluctuate much. In Star 3212, teachers often talk like this, and it’s true. At that time, there was no mecha, so they took a dagger to battle.

Wei San felt that there were no more difficult days than that at that time. Compared with now, it was simply enjoyable.


On Friday night, on the ground floor of the underground factory.

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