SOOEW Chapter 337 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLXIX

The sudden change seemed like water entering the oil pan and exploded. After a short shock, all the guests in the hall whispered and talked to the people around them. The master of the Clark family on the stage was stunned. He looked at Cyril with a blue face, stared at the man at the door angrily, and scolded with great dissatisfaction: “Beatrice come back. Young master Cyril is asking you a question and you left without giving an answer. It’s really impolite!”

There was no response to his order, and Wen Ying’s mind was preoccupied by Chris.


“You recognized me at a glance.” He said happily, lifting her chin up and looking at her. “En, it’s a pleasure to see you with eyes.”

As soon as the words fell, he was glared at by her.  When she smiled, the arc of her eyes was slightly curved, and the watery mist in her eyes suddenly turned into tears.

He carefully wiped it off with his fingers. The delicate and moist touch made him sigh, “I should have come back earlier.” Substantive contact makes people who exist in spirit all year round cherish their current relationship and dare not use more force for fear of causing her disgust.

Wen Ying pursed her lips, paused slightly, and then asked the man who was squinting across from her. She whispered, “Are you.……are you okay? When I picked up the soul piece, I found that it was blown open by an explosion. I sent it to the shop for repair and they said it was difficult to recover. Allen also helped me find the person who originally made the soul piece and asked about it.……”

After a time she thought he was really dead.

Chris put his finger on his lips, made a silent gesture of “Shh” and winked at her. “Let’s go back and whisper.” He glanced at the guests. “I heard about your party before I came here. I thought of coming to see you. I went to the barber shop to wash my hair, but I didn’t have time to blow dry.……” He pulled on his hair and made her laugh. Then she heard him ask, “So, did I disturb anything when I just came in?”

Hearing what he said, Wen Ying just remembered something and looked back at Cyril.

He was still standing where he was, far away from their position. She couldn’t see his expression clearly. The rose in his hand had been taken away from his chest and had fallen on his leg.

She took Chris to his place. Wherever they passed, all the guests retreated aside. With sharp eyes, they had already seen the identity represented by the shoulder badge on Chris’s military uniform. Even if they didn’t know it, they were stunned by his unique momentum. He walked half a step behind the girl with long legs. He not only had the etiquette and education of the upper class, but also the blood and gas that was created by killing the star thiefs. A simple smile could make people feel cold and dare not make a mistake.

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Finally, he stood in front of Cyril and greeted him lightly: “Cyril? Old friend, long time no see!”

“Chris? ! Why are you back?”

Cyril was shocked when he saw him. Now there were imitators, but Chris in front of him was obviously not an imitator made by the Ackermans in memory of their children.

“I came to say hello to my old friend. I think we haven’t seen each other for three years. I still remember when I competed with you for the title of the best mecha soldier in the college, but it’s a pity.……” He shrugged. “I didn’t finish my studies. It seemed that you have earned the first throne.”

His answer was obviously not what Cyril wanted to hear. He quickly straightened out his disordered thoughts and asked him bluntly, “As far as I know, you lost contact after you defected from the Free Federation. Logically, you can’t be here……”

“That’s right!”

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