WFILTU Chapter 443 – Boyfriend IV

When the car reached its destination, Mai Jiajia raised her eyebrow: “Then younger brother-in-law, won’t you consider formally inviting us to dinner as our youngest’s boyfriend?”

“No need——” before Lin Zhihua spoke, Ding Qi was already frightened.

Her voice was hasty and frightened, as if afraid that Lin Zhihua would promise.

“En?” Mai Jiajia turned her head in doubt.

Ding Qi pulled out an awkward smile and said, “That.……at least not today. My mother just sent a message that dinner is ready. Let’s go back to eat.”

Mai Jiajia was stunned for a moment and then said, “Oh, oh, alright. Then let’s go back quickly. Let’s not keep auntie waiting for too long. We’ll talk about treating next time.”

“Alright, goodbye,” Lin Zhihua smiled.

Mai Jiajia thought for a moment and threatened: “You can’t not live up to Jiao Jiao, otherwise we will not let you go!”

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“That would not happen.” Lin Zhihua’s voice was firm.

“Goodbye.” Ding Qi turned pale, said goodbye quickly, and then pulled Mai Jiajia out of the car.

After getting out of the car, she didn’t think it was enough. She took Mai Jiajia a long way forward and hurried. Looking back at Lin Zhihua, she only released her breath after they had left.

Mai Jiajia asked strangely, “Why are you so strange today?”

Ding Qi looked up at Mai Jiajia with a blank face and said, “Big brother, do you know who that person is?”

“En?” Mai Jiajia was stunned. “Very famous?”

Ding Qi said angrily, “Aren’t you nicknamed all knowing? Yet you don’t know him?”

“Very famous? Star?” Mai Jiajia frowned.

Ding Qi was completely angry and smiled: “Do you know Lin Shi?”

“Know.……” Mai Jiajia wondered.

Because of Lin Yinyin, they knew about Lin Shi. Although Mai Jiajia was a stranger, she had a good memory. After reading Lin Shi’s information, she still remembered it.

“Didn’t you just ask balabala ask a lot? Why did you forget to ask his name?” Ding Qi seemed to blow up.

“Yi, it’s true. Does he have anything to do with Lin Shi?”

Ding Qi smiled: “His name is Lin Zhihua.”

“Lin Zhihua…..” Mai Jiajia read it blankly, and then her eyes widened.

Mai Jiajia’s voice was frightened: “is He Lin’s boss?!”

“Yes, I kept hitting you just now. Have you paid any attention to me?” Ding Qi jumped with anger.

Mai Jiajia frowned slightly and said seriously, “No matter what his identity is, he is now Jiaojiao’s boyfriend. I can’t not ask some questions because of his identity. Can he treat Jiaojiao well and whether he will allow Jiaojiao to be hurt? That’s the point.”

Ding Qi was stunned, and then she thought it was the same.

However, for people of Lin Zhihua’s identity, who can treat Jiaojiao like this, naturally have deep feelings. As for others, it still needs time to test.

Mai Jiajia just looked tough and broke down again in seconds: “That……what I just said…… and even threatened him. Will he……clean me up?”

Ding Qi: “……”

She glared at her: “Are you afraid now? What did you just do!”

The expression on Mai Jiajia’s face collapsed. Ding Qi said, “Don’t worry, can Jiaojiao let you be cleaned up by her boyfriend?”

Mai Jiajia’s expression suddenly lit up again: “Oh, that’s true too, go, go, go back and eat the meal prepared by aunt.”

“No, it’s early. My mother hasn’t cooked yet.”

“Then you just……”

“Then I’ll call Jiaojiao back now and you go to dinner with them?”

Mai Jiajia: “……Forget it, slow down, I’m also very scared.”

Ding Qi: “……”

“This Jiaojiao is really a ‘It never rains but it pours’ person!”

Xuejiao, who didn’t originally want to fall in love, in one shot, found a.……Lin Zhihua.

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