SOOEW Chapter 338 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLXX

There was a loud cry on the stage, which startled everyone. After Cyril’s reminder, the Clark family master suddenly realized the identity of the other party. In an unbelievable tone, he became angry and said, “If you’re Chris of the Ackerman family, then you’re a wanted criminal in the Federation. How dare you appear at the ball? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll inform the people of the military headquarters to catch you now!”

The outside world only knew that someone in the special star Ackerman family defected, but they don’t know where he went, but the star valve still had some information and knew that he had shamefully become a star thief! The reason why Cyril didn’t break this must be to give him face.

But even if he called the wind and the rain again, he was just an interstellar pirate. How could he compare with the young master of the Swift family and the man who was expected to become the supreme commander of the Empire in the future? !

When the conversation was interrupted, Chris was not angry. He only replied, “What a coincidence, I just came from the military headquarters.”

“What? ! Didn’t the people in the military department bring you.……” To justice.

Before these words were uttered, the Clark family owner frowned suspiciously, and the voice of the guests floated into his ears.

“I just got word that Chris Ackerman is back.”

“I have eyes. He’s standing in front of us. Of course I know he’s back.”

“No, it’s a real return! My brother is in the military headquarters. It was said that he has just held an emergency meeting to announce the withdrawal of the wanted notice for Chris Ackerman and to clarify that all his actions are for the Free Federation. The so-called” defection ” was just a cover up for his secret mission. Now, the information he brought back has been evaluated by the top secret brass and he will be promoted to the rank of major general. The news has not been officially sent out. It is estimated that it will be fully published on the star website in a few hours.”

“Hiss——” the people took a deep breath, “I can’t believe.……”

“True or false? !”

Whether it was true or not, this problem appeared in everyone’s heart. They all stare at the center of the storm. It was rare that the master of the Clark family’s heart pounded. He immediately shut his mouth. If that’s true, the Ackerman family could certainly compete with the Swift family……

Under the great pressure of everyone’s eyes, Chris took Wen Ying’s hand without burden and said sweetly to Cyril, “If I don’t come any sooner, my sweetheart will be married by you, so I could only come back.”


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Cyril held the rose tightly and looked inquisitively at Wen Ying.

Wen Ying replied with an apologetic look and nodded, “.……I just wanted to make it clear to you, but I didn’t expect him to show up in time. Cyril, I used to like you, but as many things happened, I found that too much of this feeling came from your protection of me in my childhood. At that time, like all Omega, I wanted an Alpha to protect me from the wind and rain. But later, a lot of things happened, and I found that I could do what I once expected my Alpha to do for me. You said to work together, that’s right, what I need now is a person who can work together with me. But I’m sorry… “She paused for a moment. “That’s not you. “

“So he’s the one you want to work with?”

At this moment, Cyril remembered the battle again, and her moves were full of Chris’s shadow. After that game, he couldn’t help thinking back from time to time. Did they really know each other when he didn’t know it, and had frequent contact in private? He was even willing to teach her the core skills of his combat style, and she never mentioned it to himself, even if he was an academic and had the most comprehensive knowledge of mecha.

But——all this should be carried out on the premise that they know each other. He thought that the possibility of them knowing each other was very small, so he can’t ask her every time he wanted to ask her.

And this strong contradiction almost drove him crazy.

Before Wen Ying admitted or denied it, he interrupted her.

“When on earth?” Cyril restrained his agitation, his blue eyes were as blue as the deep sea, and his voice asked in a low voice, “how and when did you know each other? Why I don’t know this at all.”

As soon as Wen Ying said “sorry”, he heard Chris say, “this is a secret that only belongs to us.”

The dance ended like a farce. Wen Ying and Chris left the venue early. Naturally, the Clark family did not dare to oppose Chris and force them to stay. The banquet, which was originally held to announce the marriage of the two families, but the Omega who has not yet become a bride to be, has been abducted. The nature of the banquet has changed into a new seminar to welcome another rising member of the military headquarters. Everyone was satisfied and left with the latest first-hand news.

As for the Clark family, whether Swift or Ackerman, they were all super star families, and the deal was not a loss.

Only Cyril, stood as motionless as a statue with his head bowed, and the guests looked at him sympathetically, but did not dare to approach him under the cold momentum of his whole body.

After a long time, he suddenly regained his mind and spread out his palm. The rose he had been holding was already dark red with a slight curl on the edge of the petals, indicating that it gradually withered. It was picked by him from the DR planet under the Swift family in the morning. The DR planet was a whole rose planet. When he picked it, he thought that she might like this ocean of roses and could take her to see it in the future.

And now——

He suddenly found that his palm was pricked with a rose thorn at some time.

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