WFILTU Chapter 444 – Boyfriend V

On their end, Mai Jiajia and Ding Qi sighed. On Lin Zhihua and Xue Jiao’s side, they didn’t go to dinner either.

“We’re not going to dinner in Wuliu lane?” Lin Zhihua lured while driving to the Cheng house.

Xue Jiao shook her head and said with a firm smile, “I’m going to school tomorrow. I’ll have a good meal with my parents and brother tonight and let them work well. I’m fine.”

“Alright.……” Lin Zhihua looked aggrieved.

Before long, they arrived at the door to the Cheng house. Lin Zhihua opened the door for Xue Jiao, who got off with her hand in his hand.

“You’ll go to school tomorrow, and you don’t have time to talk to me.……” Lin Zhihua said quite aggrievedly.

Such a man with a cold face on weekdays suddenly showed an aggrieved expression, which was quite powerful. Xue Jiao’s heart jumped.

“There’s no way. Let’s wait until Friday night to have dinner together. By the way, I thought of one thing!” Xue Jiao stretched out a hand to wave him over, her facial expression conveying that she has something to say.

Lin Zhihua was puzzled, bent over and bowed his head.

Xue Jiao tiptoed slightly, and her lips gently printed on his forehead.

Very light and very fast. After kissing him, she immediately turned around and wanted to run.

Lin Zhihua also stared at the front, almost subconsciously stretching out his hand, pulled the person back, hugged her and bowed his head.


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Xue Jiao stared wide eyed, stunned and looking at the eyes close at hand.

The two inexperienced people just stuck together, and it took Lin Zhihua a while to loosen Xue Jiao.

His brows and eyes were smiling, and his eyes were full of sentiments: “That.……I’ll learn it for next time.……”


Xue Jiao’s face reddened. He even said he’ll take a stab at learning? !

She suddenly pushed Lin Zhihua away and quickly ran away.

Lin Zhihua turned around, looked at her back, and then reached out to touch his lips. The corners of his mouth curved into an obvious smile, and his eyes narrowed into a seam.

After a long time, Lin Zhihua didn’t get in the car until he couldn’t see the back of Xue Jiao.

He thought about it and made a call——

“Chen Yan, do I have any plans for Friday afternoon?”

On the other end of the phone, Chen Yan was stunned for a moment, and then replied honestly: “You were going to visit the branch.……”

“Push it back or move it forward.”

“Oh, ok.”

The other end of the phone began to become silent. Chen Yan put down his phone and looked at it. It had not hung up?

Then he thought about it and hesitated, “Boss, do you have any plans that afternoon?”

Suddenly, the low pressure became better, and Lin Zhihua’s voice transferred over with a smile: “En, I want to have a date with Jiao Jiao.”

With that, Lin Zhihua hung up the phone with satisfaction.

At the other end, Chen Yan stared at the phone, a little confused.

After a long time, he suddenly recovered……



So.……was this the boss showing off his love?

Chen Yan: “……”

There is a sentence in my heart that MMP doesn’t know when to speak or not!

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