SOOEW Chapter 339 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLXXI

He picked out the thorns in his palm from the rose stems and leaves one by one. There were only a few thorns yet it took him a long time. When they were inserted, he didn’t feel it or even feel any pain. After pulling them out, he not only opened the skin and flesh, but also created blood stains. Everything was more difficult than he thought.


In the flow of people, Allen looked at him with a slightly complicated look in his eyes. Finally, he came forward and asked, “Can I help you?”

Cyril glanced up at him indifferently. “No, thank you.” He did his own thing and  used his handkerchief to casually bandage the wound. After greeting him, he left.

Allen looked at his back as he left and sighed.

Once before, he had thought that Cyril liked him a little, but seeing his attitude towards Beatrice, he suddenly felt that the other party just wanted to find a qualified partner at the beginning. However, no one can stay in place and wait for another person, only time is the controller behind everything.

At the other end, Wen Ying led Chris to the Pharmacist Association. She had already been assigned to a special laboratory.

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Chris was very quiet all the way. When he got to the place, he was full of preparation for her questioning, but he found that after she threw herself on the sofa to rest, she put on her gloves and began to prepare for the experiment?

“Excuse me?” Chris waved in front of her eyes. “Are there no questions that you have for me? Your eagerness, your concern, honey, now all my time is yours——”


She thought he was in the way and pushed the person aside.

Chris: “……”

After a brief silence, he asked seriously, “Honey, I seriously doubt that what you are doing now is’ throwing me away after use’. Just at the gathering, you said you wanted to work together with someone.……” he paused and asked carefully, “is it me?”

“Of course.” She answered very quickly. “——not you.”

“.……” Unexpectedly, Chris, who should have reacted violently, performed very well. He quickly answered, “sweetheart will cry for me. Even if everything is false, I will die without regret.” His tone seemed to be enjoying the gift of beauty, and his words were very sweet.

Wen Ying, who was just about to pick up the test tube, quickly turned her head, and the corners of her lips had raised into an unbearable smile arc, which was naturally seen by the man.

Just then, the door was suddenly pushed open and a flaming red hair burst in.

“Baby!” The visitor was very excited, “The result came out, it would inhibit the estrous period by 99.99%, and the degree of side effects was reduced to 19%. It is within the tolerance range of ordinary Omega, I think we can find a suitable person to promote……wu?”

Seeing another person in the room, she stopped spouting words.

“Donna Wilson.” Chris gave her name accurately.

“Who are you and how do you know me?”

The two Alpha’s lack of communication and mutually exclusive pheromones have made them tense.

“You don’t have to know who I am, you just need to know——”

He lazily raised his eyes and glanced at Donna. Suddenly, in front of her, he hugged Wen Ying’s waist from behind, arched his back like a big cat, and kissed her on the side cheek, ruffian like and provocative: “——as long as you know.”

Wen Ying’s hand shook, the potion amount in the test tube was excessive, The “boom” blew up in a pink mushroom cloud.

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