WFILTU Chapter 445 – Boyfriend VI

The next day, Xue Jiao stepped into school again with her school bag on her back.

The class was full in the morning. Xue Jiao didn’t have time to find Chu Sheng. After lunch, she carefully read her textbooks in the library.

Projects and extracurricular accumulation were indeed very important to universities, but textbooks were the foundation of everything and could never be ignored.

Xue Jiao spent a noon to take a closer look at the missing course ppt this week.

After the first class, she had time to get to Chu Sheng.

The laboratory used by Chu Sheng was specially approved by the Department of Physics. It was a very small laboratory, which was specially applied for by his teacher, Professor Jin.

The project involved Gu Xuejiao, who was in the limelight, Zheng Jiakun, Yang Zhan of the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhang Han of Peking University. The project was still very easy to establish, but there were no achievements and little funds.

Fortunately, they don’t need any money now.

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Chu Sheng happened to be there when Xue Jiao arrived in the laboratory.

Seeing Xue Jiao coming, his eyes brightened and he took Xue Jiao out.

Xue Jiao was stunned: “Yi? What’s the matter?”

Chu Sheng breathed out: “You finally came to help me!”

“What is the arrangement now? The details?” Xue Jiao asked. All she knew was that Chu Sheng pulled a small group of nine people.

Chu Sheng said with a smile: “There are six people in our project at present, senior brother Yang Zhan, senior sister Zhang Han and her deputy, as well as senior brother Zheng Jiakun and us. There are three people in the group who were pulled by Professor Jin, not members of the project.”

“En en.”

Chu Sheng continued: “We have already held a general meeting. It’s not convenient for them to come every day. They usually do it in their own school. Come on Saturday and Sunday and bring the results of the week. Senior sister Zhang Han is here today to help me make a magnetic field model, and senior brother Zheng Jiakun is also there to help.”

Xue Jiao nodded and then said, “Then let’s go in and help?”

Chu Sheng was a little embarrassed and scratched his head: “That.……senior sister Zhang Han.……has some character……en.……”

“What’s the matter?” Xue Jiao was puzzled.

“Senior sister Zhang Han is stubborn, and she doesn’t like people who are not dedicated. If you haven’t come recently, she may not have a good attitude.……you bear with it.……” Chu Sheng was very embarrassed. He knew that Xue Jiao must have some big situation to do, but senior sister Zhang Han won’t listen to this.

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