WFILTU Chapter 446 – Boyfriend VII

Xue Jiao was surprised and blinked: “Alright, it’s fine.”

Out of which of the scientific researchers she came into contact with, which didn’t have something special?

However, although she was really in a bad mood recently, it was also her problem. She had taken a full week’s leave to adjust her state of mind, and it was normal for others to be angry.

Xue Jiao followed Chu Sheng and went in. There, she saw the legendary senior sister Zhang Han.

This one had always been a rising star in physics. This year, she has won many awards such as the award of the Chinese society of physics. She had participated in numerous projects and was equipped with deputies.

When Xue Jiao came in, she was lowering her head and putting on a front, with a serious expression and a ponytail.

Senior sister Zhang Han was very beautiful. She was bright and beautiful, but this senior sister…….seemed to dislike laughter.

Xue Jiao didn’t bother her. She went to her side and silently watched what she was doing.

Chu Sheng had bowed his head to eat books. The more he came into contact with the project, the more he felt that he didn’t have enough knowledge. He wanted to keep all the knowledge in his mind.

“You came?” Zheng Jiakun also put up a shelf inside and smiled when he saw Xue Jiao.

“Hello, senior brother.” She looked at senior sister Zhang Han again, “Hello, senior sister.”

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“En.” Zhang Han gave a grunt and said nothing after.

Xue Jiao watched carefully and occasionally took a look at the information next to them.

Chu Sheng was right. Zhang Han was really unhappy with Xue Jiao, but she didn’t say anything. She just buried herself in hard work and ignored Xue Jiao completely.

Xue Jiao raised her brow, ignore?

Alright, it’s not the first time she’s been ignored. Xue Jiao touched her nose and stood by the side naturally.

She sometimes looked at the information next to her, and sometimes her mouth moved. Zheng Jiakun looked up at senior sister Zhang Han, and then looked at Xue Jiao with moving eyes and mouth. The corners of his mouth moved into a smile.

All afternoon, Zhang Han ignored Xue Jiao.

At about six o’clock, Zhang Han’s assistant reminded: “Senior sister, it’s time for dinner.”

“En, almost.” Zhang Han’s words were like gold.

She took some magnets, frowned, turned her back, reached out and touched them. She didn’t touch anything.

She was about to turn around when Xue Jiao squatted down next to her and handed her a pen.

Zhang Han was stunned, frowned slightly, took it, drew a pen on a small magnet, then took the medium one and stopped.

She reached out and casually took the paper she had just thrown on the ground and stepped on. She turned over and was about to start counting.

Xue Jiao handed her a ruler: “5.67 and 9.33.”

Zhang Han was stunned, turned her head and looked at Xue Jiao.

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