SAPPS Chapter 82

“Boss, how about 1.9 million star coins?”

“No way, it’s a pair of machetes, 2.1 million star coins.”

“1.95 million.”

“2.05 million.”

“1.96 million.”

The shopkeeper stared at Wei San and said for a long time, “1.98 million star coins. If you don’t want it, forget about it.”


In addition to the cross level game, Wei San played a total PK of 50 games on the second floor of the underground, with 100,000 star coins for each game. When she bought the pair of machetes, she lost a lot of money.

Back to school in the evening, Wei San went to the canteen to have a good meal, and went to the convenience store to buy a box of high concentration nutrient solution. She bled a lot today.

She thought that she would go to the third floor of the underground immediately. At that time, she would have a balance of 500,000 stars per game. Anyway, she would earn it back soon.


After a week, the school gradually returned to a calm state from Major Li Ze. He didn’t appear anymore except for turning around in the school that day. It was said that he was selecting S-class mecha soldiers.

Wei San added a lesson to her schedule, and the others were the same as before.

After Nie Haoqi learned of it, he couldn’t help saying, “Your points are not enough. If you fail at the end of the term, you will be dropped out.”

“When I get the shooter’s seat, I can get an extra 30 points.” Wei San raised her brow. “I don’t want to spend all my time in class.”

Nie Haoqi: “What if you don’t get it?”

“If I don’t get it, naturally I should drop out.” Wei San said without hesitation.

In class, Nie Haoqi turned to look at Wei San several times. He didn’t know why she was so confident. It was clear that everyone came out from unknown stars and had no resources.

“Let’s go to the simulation training room. Do you want to play together today?” After class, Wei San got up and called Nie Haoqi. She was finally free to go to the simulation training room this week.

“Let’s go.”

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After the two entered the simulation, Nie Haoqi finally knew why Wei San was so confident. She made progress too fast.

When they first came in, Wei San, like him, was not good at mecha control. At most, she was a little better. Now.……Nie Haoqi obviously can feel that they were not at the same level.

Nie Haoqi lost six games in a row. No matter what environment, Wei San could always adapt the fastest, and then find his weakness and kill him with one blow.

Nie: [Do you think I can join the school team?]

Secretly begging for food: [Why not?]

Nie: [The school team has only 200 places for heavy mecha soldiers. Facing the selection of all grades, some seniors and sisters have been to Hephaestus competition and have experience.]

The school team has 1000 people, a total of 200 teams. There were five people in each team, including grade A light, medium and heavy mecha fighters, with a grade A mecha engineer and a grade A commander. The number of ten shooters and individual mecha fighters overlaps. In particular, the number of mecha fighters competing was the largest, and every session was a bloody battle.

Secretly begging for food: [I remember that this simulation training room can challenge others. If you challenge those experienced senior brothers and sisters, don’t you also have experience?]

Nie: [.……they may not accept my challenge.]

Secretly begging for food: [Let me show you.]

Wei San withdrew from their room and began to pick senior brothers and senior sisters.

The simulation training room has class hour calculations. It’s very easy to find the senior brothers and sister students. As long as you go to the ranking list to pick the person with accumulated class hours, it’s bound to be senior brothers and sisters.

Wei San casually picked an online ID called [Light mecha is the most carrying] and sent a request to battle.

As expected, the other party ignored it.

Nie: [Senior brothers and sisters have their own fixed circle and won’t talk to strangers.]

Secretly begging for food: [wait.]

Wei San continued to send a message to the “Light mecha is the most carrying”: [Fight, hurry up, don’t be arrogant.]

Sure enough, the other party replied with a message: [Roll!]

Secretly begging for food: [you’re in a hurry, you’re in a hurry, you’re in a hurry.]

Light mecha is the most carrying: [Where did this neuropathy come from, looking for death?]

Secretly begging for food: [This is it? Medium-sized mecha is the most important!]

Light mecha is the most carrying: [Your father, wait for me! I’m going will kill you!]

Nie Haoqi, who watched Wei San’s provocation and success all the way: “……”

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