SOOEW Chapter 340 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLXXII

Wen Ying quickly stabbed Chris with her back elbow, heard him cry and frowned to cover his stomach. She didn’t care and began to clean up the mess.

Donna came forward to help her, and didn’t forget to mock him: “Putting on airs.”

Chris was in a good mood and didn’t talk much. He didn’t worry about seeing the other party occupy his position. When Wen Ying needed some experimental tools, he went to the other side and handed it over accurately. Wen Ying looked at him sideways and took over the thing in his hands.

If it was just one time, then forget about it, but it happened many times in succession. Obviously, he observed more carefully than pharmacist Donna——he has been in the bracelet for so long. It could be said that whether it’s mecha or medicine, he watched Wen Ying’s growth and progress step by step, and understood her every little habit in the process. It was not difficult as long as he was willing to pay attention.

It could be seen that he was happy to help in situations other than mental strength, and he had no intention of fatigue at all.

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Donna looked at him differently from the time she handed him the first tool. She observed for a long time and suddenly asked, “So, are you Chris?”

Chris raised his eyebrows as a sign of inquiry.

“Oh——” Donna lengthened her voice and looked at Wen Ying, who seemed to be seriously engaged in her experiment. The other party’s slightly flapping eyelashes exposed her inner restlessness. She said, “Recently, I often heard Beatrice mention a man named Chris. I don’t know if that’s you?”

He immediately admitted, “It’s me. She mentioned me? What did she say?” His tone implied expectations.

“Baby said that Chris was very powerful and taught her a lot of things.……that is, she had a bad brain at the critical moment and sacrificed himself to help her. Of course, safety is more important than victory or defeat. Since then, she felt very heavy with human life, couldn’t eat well, couldn’t sleep well, and couldn’t even study medicine. I don’t know what that fool was.……”


Wen Ying immediately shouted to her.

Chris consciously ignored that derogatory and ironic remark and was hit in the head by a huge surprise. Of course, he imagined such a scene!

No, no, no, he meant, of course he could tell if his sweetheart was interested in him. Although she denied that she cared about himself at that time. According to the situation, the exaggerated emotion at the dance also showed a deliberate performance element. At least, her heartfelt smile was real the moment she saw himself, and her appearance at that time was deeply engraved in his mind.

Chris only felt a surge of heat in his chest, which made him want to hold her for three days and nights, telling her how he separated from the soul piece, and then stood in front of her as he was now.

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