WFILTU Chapter 447 – Invitation I

Xue Jiao looked at her with a smile, calmly facing Zhang Han’s eyes and calmly welcoming the other’s sharp eyes.

After a moment, Zhang Han took back her gaze and scribed 567 and 933 with a ruler.

Then she picked up the bigger piece, slightly tilted her head and motioned for Xue Jiao to continue.

Xue Jiao’s smile became more obvious, and the numbers were reported in her mouth: “113, 156 and 212.”

Zhang Han took a ruler and drew a line according to what she said without hesitation.

As for questioning whether the computing power of Xue Jiao had a problem?

Then was the Annals of Mathematics paper false?

On the other side, Zheng Jiakun, who also installed magnetic strips, looked at the two girls who had a tacit understanding with each other, and his smile was obvious at the corners of his mouth.

Sure enough.……it’s easy for two capable people who also respect capable people to get along well.

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Sometimes, it was quite convenient to carry a humanoid computer, especially if the computer had a brain to know what you want to do next, what you need, and what you can do.

Zhang Han frowned tightly and loosened her brow. After that, Xue Jiao was always next to her and helped her a lot. She almost knew what she was thinking. The other party put everything she needed next to her, and what data she needed would be reported soon. Today was the most efficient day since Zhang Han came.

To be honest, Xuej Jiao also admired Zhang Han. Her assistant has urged her to eat twice.

But she worked very hard. She worked hard until seven o’clock, without any pause or distraction.

At 7:30, Zhang Han put down her things and rubbed her eyebrows: “Let’s end it here today. I’ll come here on Saturday and continue. I should be able to preliminarily complete it in another day. The rest will be adjusted slowly through experiments in the future.”

Zhang Han’s voice was very flat, with a sense of business seriousness.

“Ok.” Chu Sheng busily responded.

Zhang Han took off her gloves and noticed Xue Jiao next to her. After a pause, she continued, “You should use more heart.”

With that, she walked straight away, her assistant smiled at them, and then followed.

Xue Jiao was stunned for a moment and then reacted that Zhang Han’s sentence was to make them pay more attention to the project in the future. It was also a step back from her taking off leave this week.

Chu Sheng saw her in a daze and thought she was stunned from Zhang Han’s attitude and hurriedly explained——

“Xue Jiao, Senior Sister Zhang Han has this character. Don’t care about it too much.”

Zheng Jiakun also put down his things and said with a smile: “Really, don’t care about it too much. Senior sister Zhang Han has been here all day and hasn’t spoken much to us in total. It’s because of her character.”

Xue Jiao smiled and shook her head: “It’s all right, I don’t care.”

She really didn’t care. Zhang Han didn’t like her at first, but when she just left, she accepted her because she recognized her ability. The girl was really a little cold, but it was because she placed all her hobbies on science.

Towards such people, Xue Jiao had only respect.

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