SOOEW Chapter 341 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLXXIII

However, when he first took a step forward, he found that the female Alpha he dread stood in front of him.

“Brigadier general.” The other party reminded with a smile and irony, “We are conducting an experimental operation. I think even people who are not particularly smart know how to distinguish the current situation and take corresponding actions, don’t they?”

Chris stood aside as a gentleman and waited patiently for them to finish.

But it seemed that in order to deliberately stimulate him, Donna half hugged Wen Ying in the name of pharmacy education. Chris looked like he had expected this for a long time. When he was about to come forward, he suddenly remembered something and sneered, “When I used this move to eat sweetheart’s tofu, you didn’t even know where to set off firecrackers. And we went deeper.……”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was reprimanded by Wen Ying.

“Shut up!”

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Donna: “.……that’s fireworks, thank you.”

The two Alphas were obviously unable to live in peace and disliked each other. In order not to delay the progress of Wen Ying, they shut up temporarily in the laboratory. But on the same day, the two went to the training hall to have a big fight. The strength values of male Alpha and female Alpha were not much different. However, Donna was in charge of pharmacy research. Even if she had a hobby of fighting in her spare time, she had to go backwards and let Chris. Chris showed no mercy and almost beat the person to the ground. Donna jumped up with a black and blue face. “We fight again tomorrow!”

This surprised Chris, who thought he could beat her at once.

For Wen Ying, there was almost no peace of mind after the quarrel between the two people. Finally, on the day when Chris went to the military headquarters to discuss official affairs, she woke up the little panda in Donna’s body. The little panda was Donna, which she discovered after many contacts. Compared with the previous world, the pheromones of the interstellar world gave her interference information, making her think that the attraction came from the attraction between Alpha and Omega——after all, she would feel almost the same when facing Cyril and other Alphas.

After a long time of identification, it was found that this traction had nothing to do with pheromones.

However, considering the problem of pharmaceutical production, she was worried that the panda did not have the skills of the original owner, so she had been unable to wake it up. However, under the guidance of Z942121, after waking him, Wen Ying found that he could also inherit the memory and skills of the original owner. Coupled with the increase of his own basic value, Donna’s physical quality soared.

Z942121 said: “He’s different from your body. Your body is the original owner, has resentment, and voluntarily contributed their body to turn the situation around. The body he lives in is just to accompany you to do the task, and it needs to be returned under no special circumstances. After you choose to return to the space, she will return to her original state.”

Therefore, before she left, Donna’s personality change was a difficult problem to hide.

The little panda came from the orc world and advocated force. Without such a statement as performance and entertainment, he would not hide his own characteristics. Fortunately, Donna herself was quite independent, and her favorite thing to do was experiments in the laboratory. In addition to the President of the association, there were not many people in contact with her.

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