SAPPS Chapter 84

[Breaking news! Someone became insane after having her credits cleared and attacked senior sister Ding! ! !]

In the afternoon, a post on the forum came out quietly, but the big black characters and a few blood red exclamation marks behind them were very eye-catching. In particular, when anyone sees the word “credit clearing”, anyone who sees it would immediately dredge up with the name of Wei San.

In addition, many students knew senior sister Ding. Anyone who was curious about the key topics would click in.

OP: [Originally, senior sister Ding and senior brother Xiao held a room competition in the simulation room today. There were a lot of onlookers. At the critical moment of the game, senior sister Ding suddenly received a message for an invitation to a game. Naturally, senior sister Ding refused it. They were still competing. As a result, someone sent several messages to provoke her. The following is a screenshot. Take a look. Picture JPG, picture JPG.……]

Damocles’ fairy: [This Secretly begging for food really needs a beating.]

Heavy mecha one word awesome: [I went out to pick up a task and came back today. Who had their credits clear?]

Newcomer mecha Division: [reply to upstairs: not long ago, a mecha freshman named Wei San was caught flipping over the wall by major Li Ze and her credits were cleared directly.]

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Heavy mecha one word awesome: [This Secretly begging for food is the ID of Wei San?]

Individual soldiers also need gentleness: [It seems that the students who have Wei San in their class recognize the id.]

OP: [I’m back. I just asked the video recording partner to come and play it for everyone. Speaking the truth. If it’s really Wei San who’s Secretly begging for food, she’s very good. Video AVI]

Heavy mecha one word awesome: [What’s the origin of Wei San? Seems a little interesting. If the blade hadn’t been rolled, Ding Hemei would have lost.]

Individual soldiers also need to be gentle: [The freshmen taught by Teacher Xiang. She came from an unknown star, and also is learning to shoot with teacher Chen Ci.]

Practice flying skills well: [Suddenly found that Wei San was carried by all powerful teachers.]

Please call me to recite the art when you see it: [There was a mistake upstairs. Following Teacher Xiang are minor details. I analyzed when the class schedule of Wei San came out. She chose courses just for passing. Teacher Chen Ci had high credits, which was enough for her to spend the first semester. From this side, Wei San was very arrogant. She didn’t seem to think about what would happen if she didn’t get Mr. Chen Ci’s credits. In addition, I didn’t figure out what she wanted so much free time to do, flip over the wall to play?]

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