SOOEW Chapter 342 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLXXIV

Hence, Chris was the first to notice this.

He found that the female Alpha had less time to be hostile to him recently, which should be a good thing, but——Beatrice had more time to take care of her! It was as if she was a baby in need of care. She told her everything in detail and sometimes fed her food.

Even if she was female, she was still an Alpha! He was exhausted by his sweetheart’s gender awareness.

Compared with him, Wen Ying was much more surprised. The little panda was more gifted in medicine than Donna, or their attributes were superimposed and play 200% of their strength. A breakthrough had finally been made in the problem that baffled them previously——the existing Omega estrus could be inhibited and eradicated with drugs. What about the children they give birth to? In addition, for the processing of Omega pheromone and Alpha pheromone, how could they minimize these effects without affecting fertility——these problems that could not be completely solved at the flash of her intelligence, “she” handled them quite effortlessly.

And the reason to stimulate ‘her’ potential was——

“Am I a female or a male?” “Donna” yawned and lifted her clothes in half, as if she were carefully observing the distribution of muscles above.

Wen Ying immediately pressed his hand, pulled his clothes back and warned him, “Don’t take off your clothes in public, understand?”

“Oh.” He thought about it and said, “Are you embarrassed by estrus and pheromones? Can’t you change six genders into two genders again?” He tilted his head. “It’s easier to distinguish.”

The extremely simple and rude idea made Wen Ying suddenly have movements in her heart, and then she noticed that he was very focused and looked at his eyes.

She pressed his hand a little hard, and he wasn’t angry, or didn’t notice. For Donna, the fiery red eye, was as enthusiastic as a flame, but placed on him, it was like a flame burning all the impurities, leaving only purity. He fixed his eyes on Wen Ying for a while.

“.……what’s the matter?”

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“You’re getting shorter.” His hand measured on the top of Wen Ying’s head.

“It’s you who’s getting taller!”

As soon as she heard it, she knew he was talking about the height difference between the two when they were in space.

Wen Ying angrily threw away his clothes and ignored him. She immediately went to the president of the Association for research and discussion.

Chris, who had just entered the door and looked at their interaction, and sincerely had a sense of crisis!

It was clear that she had become neither pestering people (Beatrice) nor hostile to him. The whole person was like having not slept for ten thousand years. She yawned all day and ate ten times more food, but it is even more frightening for him than the previous state!

Another tactic? !

Chris fell into deep doubt.

“Donna” put forward the theory of gender, which awakened Wen Ying. In the beginning, in order to adapt to the interstellar living environment, human beings could only change their physiological structure when science and technology could not be fully satisfactory, but their own gender genes always exist. Then, the removal of the acquired part of the gene and change it back to gender classification, and perhaps pheromone and estrus would be solved accordingly.

Of course, this was a subject that required a long time to study. At present, the promotion of Omega inhibitors was the top priority.

In this regard, she had considerable advantages. Chris and Cyril agreed with her. Their family had one government and one army, and they cooperated with each other. At the same time, she cooperated with Allen and got the support of the first-class star family behind him. The old owner had greater advantages in contacts than the fledgling two. Coupled with the escort of the Pharmacist Association, even if the authorities were dissatisfied, they were afraid to move under the heavy pressure of many mountains.

The way to cooperate with Allen was that she invited Allen to become the spokesman of the Omega medicine, asked him to be the first person to inject the proprietary medicine into an omega in public, and broadcast his process synchronously on the star network.

This move caused great repercussions in society!

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