WFILTU Chapter 449 – Invitation III

Chu Sheng quickly took a tape measure to measure the height and said happily, “053!”

“Within 005, perfect!” Zheng Jiakun clapped his hands.

“It’s finally finished. I really didn’t think I could do it myself!” Chu Sheng jumped up with joy on his face.

Xue Jiao was also very happy , everything that was completed created a very fulfilling pleasure.

“It’s finally done. Our ability is far worse than that of senior sister.”

“Sharpen it some. We’ll be not bad in a few more years.” Zheng Jiakun said as he packed his things.

Xue Jiao and Chu Sheng nodded and began to pack up. She will have a……date with Lin Zhihua later.

Moreover, several people have been doing this for several days and haven’t studied the materials given by Yang Zhan. If they don’t have a good look at it tonight, Yang Zhan and Zhang Han would talk at the project team meeting tomorrow. If they don’t understand, it will be embarrassing……

The three put away everything and left in a hurry.

Xue Jiao walked quickly. She felt that Lin Zhihua should have been waiting.

However, Xue Jiao was stopped by two people when she passed the mathematics department building——

“Classmate Gu Xuejiao, wait a minute!”

Xue Jiao was stunned for a moment, stopped and looked back: “Ah? What’s the matter?”

Two people ran over, a man and a woman, with a bright smile: “We’ve been looking for you in Professor Tan’s office several times, but you’re not there.……”

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Xue Jiao scratched her head: “I’ve been a little busy recently. What’s the matter?”

“We are your immediate senior brother and senior sister. My name is Zeng Bin. This is Ge Donglin. We are juniors now.”

As soon as they finished speaking, Xue Jiao nodded and said hello: “Hello, senior brother and senior sister.”

“It’s like this, senior sister Ge Donglin and I can guarantee our postgraduate study. Our school’s mathematics department is led by Professor Deng. In addition, we want to do a big project in our senior year. I wonder if you are interested?” Zeng Bin sent out an invitation.

Xue Jiao was stunned for a moment, but quickly responded: “I’m sorry, senior sister. I’m already doing a project with my classmates in the Department of Physics, so I won’t participate in the senior sister’s project. Thank you for your love.”

This was not the first time she has been invited by the mathematics department, but since she has promised Chu Sheng, she would not promise others casually.

Time was originally limited. It’s already very busy enough for her to squeeze out time to work on a project. Giving consideration to several at one time, Xue Jiao doesn’t have such ability. Naturally, she couldn’t do such a thing.

But obviously, others have other people’s ideas.

The two people were stunned for a moment, and then Ge Donglin’s voice was hurried: “Don’t you want to listen to our plan? It has something to do with Fermat’s theorem! It’s just perfect that you’re in the field.”

Xue Jiao frowned slightly: “Thank you for your love. I’m a rising sophomore now. There are many courses. It’s already difficult to work on one project. I can’t take the second one.”

She finished speaking, carrying a smile and whispered, “Goodbye, senior brother and senior sister. I have something else to do, so I’ll go first.”

She turned around and behind her back, Zeng Bin said in a high voice, “Our project is about the application of Fermat’s theorem, which is closely related to your paper! And we guarantee to have a very good result. Even if you don’t participate in many courses, you can become the third author. What project do you do in the Department of Physics as a Department of Mathematics student?”

Xue Jiao stopped and looked back: “Senior brother and sister, I don’t think the mathematics department can’t work on a physics department project right? As long as you are interested and willing to participate, you can try. Please don’t generalize. And I’ve promised that project, and I can’t break my promise.”

Ge Donglin quickly explained: “no, that’s not what Zeng Bin meant. He just wanted you to participate in the project! He also meant well. Every time our mathematics department goes to the physics department to participate in the project, it’s soy sauce, which can only help a little. Who are the members of your project? If you feel embarrassed to quit them, we can help you say it. As long as they are undergraduates, it’s easy to say it! Your senior brother and sister still have a little face!”

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