SAPPS Chapter 85

Rookie mecha Division: [This I know. Wei San often haunts the mecha area of the library. I thought she was also a mecha engineer beforehand. I didn’t know she was a mecha soldier until the incident of her flipping over the wall.]

Damocles’ fairy: [Dating ah, I often go to the mecha area to see my boyfriend. He reads and I look at him, hehehe.]

Rookie mecha Engineer: [No way, she often sits in the corner reading. She reads all afternoon and there is no one nearby.]


In the evening, this post became hot, and even some teachers saw the content.

In a certain office.

“You’re supposed to follow me to learn how to shoot. As a result, you ran to get a light knife and fight people.” After she watched the recording, Chen Ci didn’t know whether she should be angry or not.

“Her lightsaber didn’t cut the right place. If it was on the neck, it wouldn’t get stuck on the mecha.” Xiang Minghua, who had just returned from the military area command, sat in his office chair. “Slow down the part where she cut down.”

Chen Ci played it slowly according to his words. In the video, Wei San controlled the light knife and cut straight at Ding Hemei’s shoulder. To tell the truth, as long as she changed to another knife, she would win the game, but she couldn’t with this knife. Ding Hemei was not vegetarian. She seized this opportunity to turn defeat into victory.

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“Stop, change the camera angle to her wrist.” Xiang Minghua got up, walked to Chen Ci and watched the pause in the video together. “At this angle, Wei San was going to cut off her neck, but she changed her direction at the moment she waved her knife.”

Chen Ci frowned: “Why did she do this?”

Xiang Minghua hissed: “She still has less actual combat experience and dared not hurt people.”

While talking, Xiang Minghua dialed the communication of Wei San.

Wei San was reading in her bedroom. When he saw Xiang Minghua’s communication, she reached out and connected the phone: “Teacher?”

“You come to my office.” Xiang Minghua was concise and comprehensive.

“This.……is probably not very good.” Wei San hesitated and said, “It’s the middle of the night.”

Xiang Minghua: “……”

Xiang Minghua spoke ‘gently’, “In the middle of the night, teacher wants to talk to you about clearing your credits.”

Wei San’s heart suddenly somersaulted and she said sincerely: “Teacher, the credits have already been cleared. I know I’m wrong.”

“If teacher asks you to come, you come.” Chen Ci came out from the side. Why doesn’t Wei San look at face at all.

Wei·humble·San: “……ok.”

Both teachers were there, and Wei San rushed to the office without any knowledge.

Once inside, Xiang Minghua and Chen Ci were waiting inside. Wei San respectfully called teacher and stood there looking like a good student.

“Secretly begging for food?” Xiang Minghua looked at the ‘good student’ opposite him and said, “I saw your battle. Why don’t you cut her neck directly?”

Wei San was stunned: “I don’t know what you mean, teacher.”

Xiang Minghua opened the drawer and took out a mecha necklace from inside. Chen Ci was surprised to see that this was his previous mecha.

Seeing that Wei San was still standing there without response, Chen Ci bowed her head and coughed to remind her.

“It’s just a game. It’s not good to cut someone’s neck directly.” At that time, Wei San thought of the way she had died in the training room. She didn’t think it necessary. Anyway, she could demonstrate how to provoke the senior brothers and sisters to compete.

Xiang Minghua was not surprised by this answer: “You are soft, but others will not be soft, and you will be the one who dies.”

Wei San looked down at the floor. She saw the blood while coming from Star 3212. Naturally, she knew.

Xiang Minghua thought she was introspecting and warned with relief: “I don’t want to see this kind of behavior again in the future.” Then he threw the mecha necklace to Wei San.

“For you.” Chen Ci brought Wei San out. “This is a mecha that Teacher Xiang used before. Cherish it.”

In an instant, Wei San became energetic: “S-grade mecha? !”

Chen Ci: “……you wish. This is an A-grade mecha.”

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