SOOEW Chapter 343 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLXXV

Allen’s pain after boldly trying the drug injection had aroused the recognition of the audience and washed away his previous bad comments.

This extremely real process also made people no longer doubt the possibility of fraud by the Pharmacist Association. If they want to get a new life, they have to pay a price. At least the Pharmacist Association did not hide anything in the process of injecting drugs, clearly listing the difficulties one by one, and they also put forward the countermeasures.

One after another, many Omega entered the designated hospital of the association of pharmacists for drug injection and observation. Many of them had skills other than literature and art, but were troubled by their estrus and rejected the possibility of working on these strengths.

Donna was right. Besides Omegas, Alphas also thanked Wen Ying. The society always regarded the strong as marking Omegas. The stronger Alphas could mark the Omega that has already been marked. As long as they were stronger than the previous Alpha, the Omega would also be taken away by others and they lose their self-esteem when Omega is involuntarily. The Alpha, who was originally in love with them, would also fall into endless pain.

Compared with the Omegas who has not found a partner, the side effects of eradication agents could be solved by one combination for them. Therefore, married people hope to live a peaceful life, while young Omega was more enthusiastic about challenging life and willing to try.

For a moment, Omegas of many ages entered the hospital.

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When Wen Ying was successful, the Clark family also wanted to take the opportunity to partake in a share and contacted other families under her banner, but before Wen Ying started to solve it, there was a message that they wanted to break off their relationship with Wen Ying and remove her from the genealogy!

“——if you like, you could choose to take this opportunity to start your own business.” Cyril said at the other end of the messenger, “I now found that I have made a wrong decision. You probably don’t like the surname Clark very much and the family that bound you. So I use the pretext that the Swift family is very dissatisfied with their renegade cancellation of their marriage and wanted to punish them so that they don’t dare to act in your name.”

“You’re still so decisive.”

Wen Ying thought of his first threat to herself and his sudden proposal, “But, thank you.” She said sincerely, “This time you helped me.”

“Then that’s good.” He sighed and said, “There’s a double mecha.……did Chris tell you?”

“What?” Wen Ying was inexplicable.

“He applied to be a substitute for the double mecha.”

When Cyril had long been selected as a double mecha operator, Chris could not directly replace the other even if he had the latest merit. So he chose to be a substitute. The substitute, as the name suggested, was on the bench. There was no room for him to play before the main player came to an end. Chris’s move greatly exceeded Wen Ying’s expectation.

Because the double mecha was a mecha form that had not appeared in history, the military headquarters did not directly let them go to the battlefield. Before that, they need a trial period. Therefore, the military headquarters specially arranged a trial of recruits and sent them to the Randall star where Wen Ying had been to eliminate wild animals in the Northern District.

Wen Ying, who has successfully graduated from the college, could join the army and was a member of the Pharmacist Association. It could be said that she was a goddess figure highly admired by young people!

At their strong request, the trial was broadcast live on the satellite network.

At the beginning, the cooperation between Wen Ying and Cyril was quite good. The speed of clearance and suppression was as fast as that of more than ten recruits. Such cooperation had attracted people’s admiration. Until Randall, which only had wild beasts except troops, suddenly gained an unknown third party——


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