SAPPS Chapter 86

“Grade A ah.” Wei San was immediately depressed.

Chen Ci couldn’t stand this: “It’s the top level in the A grade. It was not even given to me by teacher Xiang in past years. It must have been given to you because you begged too pitifully.”

Wei San turned to look at Chen Ci: “Teacher, you are jealous.”

Chen Ci: “.……I am jealous.”

They walked out of the office building and wanted to separate. Chen Ci shouted to Wei San: “Teacher Xiang has instructed me before. If you have the ability to enter the Super-A state, you can let him direct you.”

Although Xiang Minghua used a medium-sized mecha, she was good at shooting. Chen Ci performed well in the school team and was instructed by him several times. Unfortunately, she was A-grade, so she was only instructed.

The Super-A realm was just a popular saying. It was the A-grade that was extremely excellent in some aspects, and even had the strength of the ordinary S-grade competition. But only in this aspect, the comprehensive strength of grade A couldn’t beat grade S, unless that grade S never trained.

“Teacher Xiang is an S-grade. Why is there an A-grade mecha?” Wei San looked at the mecha necklace in her hand and asked.

“Not everyone can have an S-grade mecha at birth?” Chen Ci looked indistinguishable. “In addition to the capital of the aristocratic family, others began to use grade A mecha , and only later would they have their own grade S mecha.”

Some people have their S-grade perception detected and they would join a big family early. The aristocratic family provides money and mecha, and the person will bind with this aristocratic family after that. Others don’t join aristocratic families and use A-grade mechas. Later, they come to the military academy, which will provide them with a mecha. Although the latter is more free than the former, they have less training time for many years. The longer the contact time between their personal perception and the S-grade mecha, the higher the man-mecha will reach a high-frequency consistency and the stronger their combat effectiveness.

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“Don’t flip out to play over the wall. Don’t you know how to save some money to buy a good knife.” Chen Ci despised it and looked at her. “In the future, you will use Teacher Xiang’s mecha. Don’t have another situation where the blade rolls up again.”

Wei San: “..……” She couldn’t move over this hurdle of flipping over the wall. It was blamed for everything.

She just got a new mecha, so Wei San didn’t go back directly, but went to the training ground to let out the mecha sent by Xiang Minghua.

The blood red mecha rushed forward with evil spirit. There was a circle of holes for bullets in the right arm and a light knife in the left arm. The quality was very good at first sight.

After entering the mecha cabin and putting on the sensing helmet, there were more things in her mind in a moment. She could feel the whole mecha. She slid her hands on the control panel and the mecha moved with it.

Whether it was the reaction speed or the overall sense of balance, it surpassed the performance of the mecha issued by the school, and had an obvious design style tendency.

Obviously, this was an autocratic mecha made by the mecha division. Unlike the school mechas, it was made with unified specifications.

Wei San didn’t sleep all night, as she thought about the new mecha on the training ground. The next day, she went to class with dark circles under her eyes.

“I played with a senior brother yesterday.” Nie Haoqi said excitedly, “I followed your method. It’s easy to use.”

It’s also easy to be beaten.

“It’s good that it’s easy to use.” Wei San was still thinking about the data of the new mecha in her mind. She felt that she could change it again.

It’s just that Wei San didn’t expect that there was a follow-up to yesterday’s incident.

Ding Hemei was an old senior in the school team. Her attendance was set in stone. Many people know that she was challenged by Wei San. They smelled the wind and went to see the video. After watching it, they all came to find Wei San to fight. They couldn’t pk with senior sister, but it was fun to find Wei San to pk too.

As soon as Wei San entered the simulation training room, countless messages came. She couldn’t even see them all. Among them, some people sent messages imitating her tone yesterday.

However, Wei San had a thick skin. When she saw it, she planned to pretend to not see it and still trained according to her own plan.

She’s fine. The senior sisters and brothers in the training room were not all right.

Led by Nie Haoqi, all kinds of freshmen formed teams to harass the senior brothers and sisters frequently. The tone was as provocative as it could be, and they deserve to be beaten.

The senior brothers and sisters were all sentimental people. At the beginning of seeing this provocation, who could stand it? They finished it all with a beating.

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