WFILTU Chapter 452 – Date III

They had dinner at Wuliu lane, which counted as a date.

After dinner, Lin Zhihua felt a little wronged: “as a student, you are much busier than me. We only have enough time to date for dinner, then you have to go back.”

Xue Jiao raised her hand and touched his face comfortingly: “Be good, I’m going to have a conference tomorrow. I must hurry back to read today.”

Feeling the temperature on his face, Lin Zhihua was helpless: “Fine, I’ll send you.”

He led Xue Jiao to the parking lot.

The time they spent together was extremely short, but because they were busy, they had to be separated.

The car stopped outside Xue Jiao’s community, and Lin Zhihua got off with Xue Jiao, his expression still wronged.

“You’re just leaving like this?” Lin Zhihua bent down slightly.

Xue Jiao was stunned, then her cheeks slightly reddened, and she tiptoed to kiss his forehead.

This man.……really.

Sometimes so smart, so handsome, sometimes like a child with a wronged face.

Lin Zhihua looked at her, his eyes slightly blurred——

“I think.……we can practice again.……”

He bowed his head, holding the lips of Xue Jiao, and then tried to pry it open.

The movement was astringent.

Xue Jiao was stunned and stared at him foolishly. She didn’t return to her senses until they parted with red faces and ears.

Lin Zhihua smiled: “Hurry back quickly and let’s continue to practice next time.”

Next time?

Xue Jiao blushed, stared at him and ran away quickly.

Lin Zhihua turned his head with a smile and looked up at Cheng Mingze who had a black face.

Obviously, Cheng Mingze saw just now……

Lin Zhihua grinned and blinked: “Older brother, see you next time.”

He got in the car and drove off. In the blink of an eye, the car couldn’t be seen.

Older brother?

Cheng Mingze: “……”

Shit! Who wants to be your older brother! !

This disrespectful beast towards my sister!

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At eight o’clock on Saturday morning, Xuej Jiao arrived at the lab on time. Chu Sheng and Zheng Jiakun, the two resident students, had arrived first. They waited for more than ten minutes, and Yang Zhan and Zhang Han also came.

This was the second time Xue Jiao has seen Yang Zhan. The first time was in the mathematics competition of year two.

“Hello senior sister Zhang Han, senior brother Yang Zhan!”

Zhang Han nodded expressionless, but Yang Zhan smiled and stretched out his hand: “We’ve met, Gu Xuejiao.”

Xue Jiao smiled and stretched out her hand: “I’ve heard a lot about you, senior brother Yang Zhan.”

“You are very good, cutting my plans. Hahaha.” Yang Zhan smiled, his expression joking.

Xue Jiao also smiled and joked: “It’s better to start first.”

“Hahaha, junior sister is a little interesting.” Yang Zhan is happy.

Yang Zhan was different from Zhang Han and Zheng Jiakun in character. He wore glasses, was outgoing and could joke.

But soon, when they began to discuss, Yang Zhan suddenly became serious.

Even refuting Zhang Han, he was impolite.

Whether it was Zhang Han or Yang Zhan, or Zheng Jiakun and Chu Sheng, they were quite good at physics. They discussed it with great enthusiasm.

Compared with them, Xue Jiao was a “layman”, so she didn’t speak all the way, but wrote down a few strokes occasionally.

The meeting was held until noon and they didn’t talk about what to do next.

“The geomagnetic field can’t support the physical object. The gravity is too strong. If we talk on

the phone, it’s basically no different from the current maglev.”

“I mean, try electrifying it and see if the magnetic plate needs to resist gravity and air resistance.”

“Then you don’t need to power on. I’ll calculate it directly for you!”


The debate among several people was in full swing. It was past twelve o’clock and there’s no result.

After arguing, they felt that no one’s suggestions were good enough, but they didn’t have any good suggestions.

At this time, Xue Jiao stopped writing and said softly, “Why don’t you superimpose the magnetic field?”

Her voice was very quiet, but almost at the moment she finished, there were no other voices on the table.

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