SAPPS Chapter 87

But one, two, three, four…… with more and more such provocative messages, the senior brothers and sisters have become numb, and at the same time, they remember and hate the person named Wei San, who started it!

“Hemei, I’ll go to that Wei San tomorrow. If I don’t fight once, I can’t get through it in my heart.” A senior brother found Ding Hemei and said, “are you going to watch the show?”

Ding Hemei glanced at him: “I have already asked her to fight on the playground tomorrow.”

“Actual combat?”

“She has a new mecha.” The news came from other people’s gossip. Ding Hemei thought that since Wei San changed her new mecha, they could have a game in a dignified manner.

“Then I’ll go watch the show.” The senior brother immediately changed his mind.

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The next day, Ding Hemei stood on the playground, with seniors standing behind her, all of whom came to watch the show.

The weather is bad today. The wind blows on their face like a knife.

Ding Hemei stood strong in the cold wind and waited for an hour, two hours……

“Hemei, you asked Wei San. Did she reply?” Someone asked, shivering with cold.

Ding Hemei: “……”


In the cold wind, a cadre of senior brothers and sisters followed Ding Hemei to squat.

After the major called her out, her timetable came out on the school forum. Later, the new timetable she changed to was also found out. As long as you search “credit clearing”, you can find the pictures of her timetable in a series of posts.

Ding Hemei was determined today. Since Wei San pretended to be dead, she simply came to the door and squatted directly at the door of the classroom, waiting for Wei San to finish her class.

This is a big class once a week for Wei San. She looks down and wanders. She doesn’t know that there are a group of angry and cold senior brothers and sisters outside the classroom. On the contrary, other students in the classroom were deeply affected. For a while, they felt excited about gossip, and for a while, they were stared at by the senior sisters and brothers outside into numbness.

It’s not easy for the students to finish class, yet no one inside the classroom moved. Wei San turns off the data interface on the optical brain familiarly and gets ready to go out.

“You’re not leaving?” Wei San looked at Nie Haoqi who didn’t move next to her. He usually moves fast and has to go to training as soon as class is over.

Nie Haoqi turned his back to the window, pressed his fingers under the drawer, pointed out and made a mouth shape for her: “there’s people outside.”

Wei San didn’t understand what he meant: “aren’t there always people outside? I’ll go first.” She also wants to practice her new mecha.

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