SOOEW Chapter 345 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLXXVII

The people pinched a cold sweat for them, those in front of the screen made an exclamation.

Originally, they thought that the emergence of the black shell mecha was one of the trials of the military department. They threw themselves into watching with great interest until they found that the other party was threatening. The posture cabin protected by the recruit mecha was strafed by machine guns and casualties occurred. They turned pale and realized that they were really in danger!

In a short while, the communication channels of the military headquarters were crowded out, and the people accused them of not sending troops for protection. However, the recently rising people who supported the “mother of new mankind” were more intense. They thought that Wen Ying was the light of hope of the new generation, and her contribution in medicine was enough to make her subject to the strictest and highest protection of the Federation!

In this regard, the military headquarters could only immediately send troops to Randall star for rescue, but they can’t quench their thirst. Even if they move forward at the fastest speed, they couldn’t speed up the enemy’s artillery firing time. People could only watch the double mecha suffer an unprecedented crisis.

Just when they were filled with righteous indignation, the picture suddenly changed, and a silver light flashed through the shell of the double mecha, like a new life. Immediately after that, its momentum changed, which was completely different from the resolute operation style just now. Its every move was like a magician on the performance stage, extremely cunning!

When people thought he was going to dodge, he made a shield by cavitation and flew forward. He smashed the black shell armor with the heaviest meteorite lead shield in the universe, making his cockpit naked in front of everyone!

When people thought he was going to make a strong attack, he changed his pace under the forward rush, and suddenly flashed to one side. After luring the attack of a wave of shells, while they were still accumulating energy, the energy attack already prepared was like a thick column, and the two energies were intertwined and exploded. The strong shock wave almost made the black shell mecha fly upside down!

This operation made people suddenly understand that the cooperation between Wen Ying and Cyril was not the most exquisite!

The biggest problem of the two person mecha was cooperation. If you can’t cooperate with tacit understanding, it is likely that you can’t even compare with a single person mecha. After all, one person can clearly convey his own ideas. The mecha just needs to follow suit, and two people who couldn’t synchronize sent out opposite orders at the same time, which will offset the orders and make the mecha do nothing.

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Wen Ying’s cooperation with Cyril was tacit. Before coming to Randall star, they tried and finally decided to divide their work and cooperate. One person focuses on the operation of the mecha limbs and the other on the operation of the mecha instruments. It sounded simple, but in fact, what kind of action should be used to launch weapons, and how to ensure that the state of limbs does not affect the exertion of weapons, so as to fully understand each other’s intentions, it took a lot of effort.

If their cooperation was 11 = 2, the cooperation between Wen Ying and Chris is 11 > 2. Like two peas, they can fully explain what kind of existence the “twin mecha” is. What they did was the same fighting action. Their minds had a good fighting mentality, and there was no need to work together, even if they do not have eye contact, they could deliver exactly the same instructions.

The intertwined power of the two spiritual forces above 2S level fully made people see what real terror is!

In the initial trial period, they still needed some skills to find shelter to dodge. After the rapid trial period, the black shell mecha became a clown in front of the double mecha! The lightsaber used the simplest horizontal sword to cut. If there was nothing in it, after the black shell mecha froze for a short time, the abdomen where the energy source was located split into an oblique cut, and the upper body slowly moved under people’s tense breath holding. Suddenly, it was like a tall building falling down!

The blessing of spiritual power made the powerful black shell mecha like tofu!

Such a picture made people stunned. The recruits on the battlefield have the most intuitive feeling. They were shocked by such a battle scene and almost forgot that the crazy beast is right in front of them. It wasn’t until a long-range light energy gun in the double mecha broke through the nearby crazy beast for them, and the roar of the crazy beast which made them suddenly wake up!

It was rare that a man of the military headquarters with strong psychological quality, after seeing such a scene, he had to be awed and immediately forgot that they strongly opposed him to becoming a “substitute” at the beginning——’the double mecha was a sign of the strong existence of the Federation and does not need a substitute!

And now, no one doesn’t believe that he was about to replace Cyril and become the best choice for the double mecha operator.

The return of Wen Ying and Chris made the people rejoice and welcome them both. If before that, many people did not recognize her claims on ABO gender and had deep prejudice against the sudden change, then after seeing her strong force value, they lowered their arrogant head and chose to surrender.

This was a martial society. Just like why Alphas have become the top of the pyramid for thousands of years. If she could defeat Alpha, then she has the qualification to drive a double mecha. Now, if she could defeat the unknown forces with a large number of people together with her partner and protect the harmony of her home, she was qualified to be admired by all the people. Every word of her was no longer a fool’s dream. Naturally, countless supporters would become a reality for her.

For Chris, who suddenly appeared as a substitute operator, countless girls were amazed by his handsome appearance when the camera cut into the cockpit.

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