WFILTU Chapter 453 – Prize I

The four people almost looked at Xue Jiao together. Originally, the fierce quarrel was gone, and the discussion was gone. They focused at one place

Xue Jiao held the pen and her hand froze. Subconsciously, she raised her hand and touched her face: “Why.……isn’t it right?”

Yang Zhan looked at her and sounded out, “What did you just say?”

“Magnetic field superposition.”

“How to stack?” Yang Zhan continued to ask.

“Superimposing magnetic field and increasing magnetic force, or.……considering the flying car itself, can we reduce the influence of gravity through interaction?” Xue Jiao whispered.

After a moment of silence, Zhang Han took the lead in clapping.

Xue Jiao was frightened and touched her heart. She was a little embarrassed.

Yang Zhan slapped: “Yes, yes, yes! ! I think it’s feasible! Gu Xuejiao, yes, you really woke up the people dreaming with one sentence.”

“Xue Jiao! Excellent!” Chu Sheng smiled and patted her on the shoulder.

“We can divide the work to operate. The two directions can be carried out separately. No matter which direction is successful in the end, or whether both are successful, even if they are unsuccessful, at least we can know the next step!” Zheng Jiakun relaxed a little.

Sometimes, the more you understand, the more you could think of ways. They have been jumping around in a circle. Sometimes a bystander’s word may wake them up.

Maybe given time to think about it, they could, but they were really in the game just now.

Zhang Han’s brows also became relaxed and looked at the others saying: “In that case, let’s discuss together today, then divide our work, cooperate, and exchange information in the group at any time.”

“I support it.” Chu Sheng raised his hand.

The others nodded in agreement.

“It’s a long and complicated process. Everyone should pay attention to it, but there’s no need to rush at the moment. Especially the four of you, there are still many classes and the final term is coming soon. You don’t have to focus all your energy on the project.” Zhang Han still had a straight face, but her words spoken were concerned about everyone.

This was an externally cold and internally passionate.……scientific research maniac.

“Ok, don’t worry, senior sister. If you can’t make up your mind to study, how can we sit here?” Yang Zhan raised his eyebrows and began to be talkative again.

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Zhang Han glanced at him and continued: “The magnetic field here has been built. What achievements can you simulate yourself? Have you read all the data sent yesterday?”

“I’ve seen it.”

“I’ve said before.……”

Zhang Han took it out a little bit to speak at a time. Xue Jiao and their occasional views would also interrupt Zhang Han’s words.

When the meeting was over at one o’clock, Zhang Han’s assistant bought everyone a meal. They discussed while eating, and then continued to discuss after eating.

Xue Jiao rubbed her temples. Compared with these majors studying physics, especially Yang Zhan and Zhang Han, her foundation was still too poor.

Half of the book was written down, and there were many question marks. All of them were to go back and continue to study things.

Now that they had a general direction, the next most important thing was what to do and what results to make.

They found out what to do, and then slowly groped for things.

At eight o’clock in the evening, Xue Jiao rubbed her temples.

Others were also in low spirits. Even Zhang Han frowned slightly.

“That’s about it. Personally, I think the probability of success of this project may not be as low as we expected, but it may take longer.” Chu Sheng summarized, reaching for the cup and took a sip.

“En, since everyone has a direction, let’s do it this time. Any results in the future can be sent to the group at any time. We’ll fix the time after the next discussion.” Zhang Han stood up and began to pack up.

“Ok.” Xue Jiao also stood up and packed up.

Yang Zhan and Zhang Han were both from foreign schools. They were afraid of having no car to call when they leave too late. They packed up and started to leave.

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