WFILTU Chapter 454 – Prize II

Chu Sheng and Zheng Jiakun were students dorming at school. Xue Jiao, Zhang Han and Yang Zhan naturally left school together.

“Are you tired, junior sister?” Yang Zhan raised his eyebrows.

Xue Jiao had a face of fatigue: “A little.”

“It’s been a hard day for you, who studies mathematics, to learn a day of physics.”

With a few words, Zhang Han suddenly interrupted: “Don’t you always think about mathematics and chemistry when you study physics?”

Xue Jiao was stunned and suddenly found that Zhang Han was helping her “against” Yang Zhan.

Although they were all speaking jokes, it was obvious that Zhang Han was very friendly to Xue Jiao and would help her.

Sure enough, Yang Zhan had an exaggerated expression on his face: “Wow, senior sister helped the junior sister against me!”

Zhang Han was slightly embarrassed, looked away and looked aside: “Yow owe(a beating)!”

As soon as the corner of Xue Jiao’s mouth was raised, she stretched out her hand and gently held Zhang Han. This was what Mai Jiajia often did to her.

An action that made people feel warm and happy.

Zhang Han’s whole body was stiff, her hands could not be controlled, and was raised slightly.

But she did not dodge, nor did she push away Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao smiled more brightly: “Senior sister, I hope to see you sooner.”

Zhang Han had a straight face. When she saw her bright smile, she also became slightly relaxed.

After a moment, she replied coldly, “En.”

Xue Jiao was holding her tightly.

The three of them were already close to the school gate. Yang Zhan was close to Xue Jiao and spoke cheaply, “junior sister, I tell you, senior sister has no friends and doesn’t have an emotional research mode. You work hard ah!”

Zhang Han glanced at him coldly.

Xue Jiao also stared at him: “You’re the one who has no feelings!”

Yang Zhan: “……”

En, they’re standing on the same front.

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Zhang Han relaxed her hand slightly and obviously adapted to the posture of holding Xue Jiao.

With a smile, Xue Jiao inadvertently swept her eyes across and was stunned.

Her feet stopped, and Zhang Han and Yang Zhan stopped in doubt. Looking along her line of sight, there was a man standing hazily not far off.

En.……a very nice looking man.

“Yoyoyo, little junior sister, something’s going on!” Yang Zhan approached her and joked again.

He was really out of line with his fame. He was powerful and famous, but in private, he was extremely lively and cheap.

Xue Jiao blushed, loosened Zhang Han’s hand and said, “That……senior sister, I have something else to do. You go first.”

Zhang Han nodded: “En, bye.”

After a pause, she added, “go home early.”

Although she still doesn’t talk much, her eyes have a lot of warmth.

Xue Jiao smiled at her with her eyes shining: “Ok! Don’t worry!”

When she finished speaking, Zhang Han turned and left.

Yang Zhan smiled: “such a beautiful junior sister has a master of her flower. Ai.”

Finished saying, he saw Zhang Han had gone far, and quickly caught up——

“Senior sister, wait for me!”

He approached Zhang Han it was unknown what he said, which made Zhang Han stare at him fiercely.

Xue Jiao turned around with a smile and walked quickly to Lin Zhihua.

“Why are you here?

Lin Zhihua lowered his head, reached out and gently flicked her forehead. His tone was wronged: “You just had such a happy talk with other boys. Why? I’m disturbing you?”

Xue Jiao shook her head and her ponytail shook: “Nonsense, that’s senior brother Yang Zhan.”

“Oh.……is that your senior brother who you adore Yang Zhan? He won some award, and.……”

“Oh! Why are you so jealous!” Xue Jiao stood on tiptoe and put her hand over his mouth.

She spoke against Lin Zhihua in her mouth, but she was very happy. Even if she had just met him yesterday, she was also very happy to see him today.

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