SOOEW Chapter 346 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLXXVIII

Under the face of the enemy, the fire of bombing almost filled with the electronic screen, and he was in no hurry. His military coat was thrown aside, the cuffs of the military shirt were rolled onto his forearm, and the smile on the corners of his lips was cynical. He stood up straight after Wen Ying kicked him mercilessly on his calf.

Yet with the excitement and aggression of his eyes, the light of his eyes was more prosperous than the fire of the outside world, as if a hungry wolf met a flock of lambs and was ready to kill.

Facts have proved that people’s feeling was not wrong. The attack of the black shell mecha and crazy beast wws like an easy game for them. It suddenly became hard mode, which was a little more difficult and far from the level of hell.

Compared with the frequent dialogue between Cyril and Wen Ying when fighting together, his dialogue with Wen Ying seemed simple……and much more casual.


“I know.” Wen Ying responded calmly.

The mechanical leg kicked in the air!



“The somersault was great!”

“The weapon are like as two peas, I and my sweetheart are really heart searching.”

“Rear.” Wen Ying reminded under his praise.

Almost as soon as the voice fell, the word “solution” came synchronously over there. He continued to praise her, “Our sweetheart’s insight is really sharp!”

Wen Ying: “……”

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There was no need for any hint from the other. The only conversation in the cabin waa his endless praise. The slightly sweet and greasy tone made the audience numb.

These pictures, which were switched off during synchronous broadcasting, spread to the Internet after they returned to the central planet.

Many people suspected that their mental power had exceeded 2S level and reached 3S. While marveling at their ability, they were stunned to find that Wen Ying and Cyril did not seem to be a pair, but she was with this brigadier general Chris.

But under the surface of flowers, the surging undercurrent has not subsided.

The origin of the black shell mecha aroused heated debate. The most widely circulated explanation was the hidden troops dispatched by the hostile Empire when it was aware of the threat of the double mecha. However, it was also said that the Parliament and military headquarters dominated by the alpha were dissatisfied with the “mother of new mankind’s” practice of changing ABO gender and decided to get rid of her. The authorities explained this with action——the upper class changed blood under the auspices of the three families and the association of pharmacists, while the Free Federation declared war on the Empire.

The truth was obvious. It was the action of insiders in collusion with the imperial royal family!

This practice undoubtedly aroused the anger of the federal people. It has become their biggest wish to wipe out the empire with mecha, and the double mecha of Wen Ying and Chris also went out with the federal fleet as they wished.

From the picture from the star network, they found a tiny detail. When they operated, there was light flashing between their fingers. They stopped the picture and looked closer to find that it was two star rings inlaid with diamonds.

Before the screen switch, Chris took Wen Ying’s hand and dropped a nostalgic kiss on her diamond ring index finger, as if taking an oath.

There was a “hiss” among the people.

At this moment, all the young women’s hearts sprouted by the unrestrained Brigadier General of the Federation were broken, and the people who wanted to replace him as Wen Ying’s partner were also jealous. However, the agreement between the two people made people send sincere blessings.

The war was not over yet, but new hopes were ready to go.

Wen Ying returned to the space, almost without thinking, “changed” a sofa out, as if she was born knowing how to do it, and then fell down, sleeping with tiredness.

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