WFILTU Chapter 455 – Prize III

Lin Zhihua kissed her palm, and then reached out to hold her hand: “I just love to be jealous, so you should keep yourself clean and don’t get close to other boys. You should understand that you already have the master of flowers.”

Xue Jiao stared at him: “Then you should also remember that you have a master of the famous grass. You can’t have close contact with other women, otherwise……“

“Or what?” Lin Zhihua arched his brows.

“Or I’ll break up with you!” Xue Jiao glared.

When the last two words came out, Lin Zhihua’s face became ugly for a moment, and an unspeakable emotion even flashed in his eyes.

He bowed his head, gently kissed her forehead, and said in a low voice, “I won’t have close contact with other women. Don’t say those two words again. I feel uncomfortable, okay?”

Just thinking about those two words, he felt that his heart was uncomfortably flustered.

Xue Jiao saw his sad eyes and felt distressed for a moment. She raised her hand and tiptoed and touched her head: “No way, no way, if you don’t do something that affects me negatively, I’ll never leave you. We’ll be together all our lives.”

When she said this, she was very serious and sincere.

Lin Zhihua didn’t speak and took her hand while leading her to the parking lot.

She is still young and has just reached adulthood this year. Being together for a lifetime was actually a heavy commitment. It’s easy to say. It’s hard to stick to it all your life and never change your heart.

But what about that?

He would let her keep her love for him all her life, a little more every day, from like to love, from love to deep love.

If love needed management, he could be a full score trader.

Xue Jiao sat in the shotgun seat, eating a small snack placed by Lin Zhihua in the shotgun.

“Wow, you made snacks for me again?” Would this be wasting a lot of time?”

Xue Jiao was eating potato chips. These were sweet potato chips and purple potato chips made by Lin Zhihua. They were steamed and dried. There was no unhealthy oil, and the seasoning was very light.

“It’s alright. I’m not busy today. After dinner, I have a lot left. I’ll bring it to you when I pick you up tomorrow. You can eat it when you stay at school.” Lin Zhihua nagged, “No matter how busy your project is, you must eat. Don’t be hungry!”

“Ok ok ok!” Xue Jiao raised her hands in agreement, as if she suddenly remembered something, “Will you pick me up tomorrow?”

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“En, I’m not busy these days. You send me a message half an hour in advance every day and I’ll pick you up.” Lin Zhihua’s smile was obvious.

There were so few opportunities to see Xue Jiao every day that he couldn’t wait to pick her up every day.

Xue Jiao frowned slightly: “Would it be very troublesome?”

“No, I’ll move to the same community as you in a few days. It’ll be more convenient then.” Lin Zhihua pretended to be careless and said. Yet he sneakily paid attention to Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao’s eyes rounded: “Ah?”

Lin Zhihua was going to live in the same community with her……

Then her face turned a little red.

“What are you thinking? Silly girl.” Lin Zhihua’s voice was full of laughter.

The Cheng family now lived more than 20 minutes away from his company, but compared with seeing Xue Jiao every day, nothing else was important.

Xue Jiao looked out of the window, blushing: “Noth……I’m not thinking of any……”

She could say that her first thought was to get married and be close to home…….


Xue Jiao’s face was redder.

She closed her eyes and shook her head hard. What are you thinking of, Xue Jiao!

“Are you blushing? What are you thinking?” Just at the red light, Lin Zhihua turned to look at her with a low voice and a shallow smile.

Xue Jiao shrunk a little and hurriedly changed the topic: “Didn’t I send a message to Uncle Xing? How did you negotiate with my father?”

Lin Zhihua started the car and raised his eyebrow: “Wechat group is a good thing.”

“En?” Xue Jiao was stunned and looked at him foolishly.

Lin Zhihua said with a smile: “Look at Wechat.”

Xue Jiao took out her mobile phone, opened it and watched a new group appear on Wechat. There was a conversation half an hour ago——

Lin Zhihua: Let me pick up Jiao Jiao this evening.

Li Sitong: Ok, Lao Xing was about to go out, I’ll tell him not to go.

Cheng Shuo: ……

Cheng Mingze: …….

Xue Jiao covered her mouth and smiled, “You’re really good!”

Lin Zhihua smiled and didn’t speak. Against his father-in-law and brother-in-law who didn’t like him, he had to take his mother-in-law to stand on his side.

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