SAPPS Chapter 89

Wei San looked up: “Senior sister, let’s discuss. If I win, in case the mecha is damaged, you can help me pay the repair fee.”

Ding Hemei in the mecha cabin: “……”

Some of the onlookers were worried: “Hurry and fight, no matter who wins or loses, I’ll pay the repair fee!”

Wei San accurately found the speaker from the crowd and asked him for his contact information: “Thank you, a good man has a safe life.”

A senior brother who was quick to talk for a moment: “……”

After successfully finding the kind-hearted man, Wei San immediately entered the mecha cabin and began to prepare for the battle.

Ding Hemei had a sky blue light mecha. She came up and directly released her wings. She soared into the air, and then rushed at Wei San, accompanied by crossbows and arrows.

Wei San still hasn’t moved. She was watching.

When Nie Haoqi saw that the crossbow and senior sister Ding Xuejie had approached Wei San, he shouted, “Wei San, quickly avoid it!”

Tut, it won’t end in one move right.

When Ding Hemei attacked Wei San, a thought had just flashed and she had just regained her consciousness when the target in front of her suddenly disappeared.


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Ding Hemei stopped her steps, looked up and shrank her pupils: Wei San jumped up and the knife in her hand had already cut over.

“What the fuck! ! !”

The onlookers took in a deep breath.

“Why is Wei San’s jump so strong?” She jumped higher than others could fly.

At the moment when the knife came down, Ding Hemei took back her wings and stepped back to avoid Wei San’s knife. At the same time, her crossbow and arrow shot at her again.

Wei San tilted her head slightly, dodged the crossbow and arrow, and then ended the momentum and fell to the ground. She hit the flying crossbow and arrow with a knife.

Ding Hemei had a standard light mecha playing method. She flew with her crossbows and arrows. She was light and agile, and her speed increased the intensity of the attack. The only difference was that she was irritable and eager. She liked close quarters.

On the other hand, Wei San’s playing style couldn’t be spoken about. In short, how convenient and how good it was.

The two people were in a stalemate for a while. Ding Hemei in the mecha cabin gnawed her teeth. She thought the training room was just an accident. Now it seemed that Wei San had some skills, and it seemed that she fit the new mecha too well. It doesn’t look like she changed in just two days.

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