SOOEW Chapter 347 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLXXIX

The little panda arrived one step earlier than her and tilted his head in doubt. Then the chubby panda moved his hand as if he were learning her movements. Soon, a blanket appeared in his hand. He thought about it and covered it for her.

This time was more urgent than any time in the past. In order to change the game with the upper class in the later stage, the efforts to be paid in a short time should not be underestimated, even if there was an artifact such as “flash of light” in Wen Ying.

But——the world brought her unexpected benefits.


After Z942121 appeared, he expressed surprise at what he saw. Wen Ying always triggered its humanized side. After realizing it, it slightly restrained its emotion, “It seems that you have gained a lot this time.”

The interstellar world involves spiritual power, and Jinjiang space was a space that included all things. It had all the energy forms of the small thousand worlds. Wen Ying could change the energy here with the spiritual power learned from the interstellar world. Without anyone’s instruction, she let the objects in the image appear, which showcased her own creativity. The “reward” panda she drew had the same ability, so people had to admire her good luck.

Wen Ying lazily raised her hand, “21, what’s the next world? If it’s so troublesome, I’ll apply for a two-day rest, or I’ll sue you for squeezing cheap labor.……”

“The next world should not be difficult for you. You can take the opportunity to have a good rest.” After extracting the power of faith from her, it said, “A, you can draw rewards.”

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She was too lazy to get up and asked the panda to draw one for her.

“It’s a lucky bonus.” Z942121 explained, “It comes from a world where you can pawn any item. Someone exchanged his lucky pawn for ability, and he just got it. It can make your lucky attribute reach the highest value in the world, which is applicable to any situation.”

If the “flash of light” was the golden finger that would appear only with your own efforts, then the lucky value was the ubiquitous golden finger.

The lazy bug Wen Ying was very satisfied with the award, and the appliance turned into a section of bamboo to feed the panda.

Then she laid on the sofa and began to browse the information like watching a movie.

This was an era of national online games. Technology was more developed than that in the 21st century, but there was still a certain gap compared with interstellar games. At the forefront of this era was the entertainment project——Holographic online games, which they could appear in a virtual game world as a “real person” with the help of connecting helmets, nutrition modules and other tools, and do everything they wanted instead of controlling the keyboard.

There were holographic online games in the interstellar era, but her schedule was too full to experience and try.

Thia world was really like a resort for her returning from the interstellar.

But the task was not so easy, because she found that the fallen god she had to face had a memory state, that is, the other party clearly knew who the goal was and what to do, rather than being assimilated and transformed by the world like the first two worlds. The A origin of the last level seemed to be that she made the depraved envoy have a good impression on her. Obviously, there was no such bargain this time.

The depraved envoy was called Xu Yanlan, and had an online game ID “Liuyan”. Because he was “involved in a dispute, he had a dispute with the three City owners in the holographic online game” chasing deer in the world “, and reached the NP ending of sitting on a beautiful man.

The ending like a novel also surprised Wen Ying slightly and found that the plasticity of the world was very strong……

The role she wanted to play was naturally a rather unpleasant role. It could be said that she was the source of the dispute.

Before entering the next world, she suddenly grabbed the panda’s paw. His hairy hand was in her palm. His furry paw on her hand was soft and warm, like a teddy bear she saved money to buy.

“I haven’t asked you yet. What’s your name?”

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