WFILTU Chapter 456 – Prize IV

She continued to eat potato chips, remembered something, licked her fingers and took out her school bag.

“By the way, my thesis bonus from before came. This is a gift for you.”

Xue Jiao took out a small box and put it in front.

Lin Zhihua raised his mouth slightly: “Gift? What should I do? I especially want a gift. Can you give it to me?”


His voice was low, with an itchy magnetism: “My Jiao Jiao.”

Xue Jiao: “……”

Wu.……it seems that the face is red again……

She turned her head and looked at his good-looking side face.

Lin Zhihua’s facial features were very good-looking, but because his skin was not too white, he doesn’t look too feminine, but especially handsome.

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Wearing casual clothes, his hair was down, above the eyebrows, his nose was very straight and the brow shape was sharp. Usually, when he gaze at people with a straight face, he either had sharp eyes or hazy eyes, which makes her blush.

But at this time, when she looked at his side face quietly, she felt that the man was handsome and made people’s hearts beat faster.

The car soon drove to the door of Xue Jiao’s community. Lin Zhihua stopped the car, suddenly turned his head, loosened his seat belt, turned over on his side and kissed Xue Jiao.

His ability.……rapidly progressed……

“Wu.……” After a while, Xue Jiao was gasping for breath.

Lin Zhihua looked up slightly and looked at her dimly, with a deep and ambiguous voice——

“If you look at me like this again, I want to commit a crime.”


Her face bloomed. Xue Jiao raised her hand and wanted to cover her face.

Lin Zhihua held her hand, lowered his head and held it again.

His eyes were crazy and his actions were forbearing. For a moment, Xue Jiao thought he really wanted to eat herself.

When he loosened it again, Xue Jiao could only gasp heavily.

Lin Zhihua sat back and inhaled deeply: “Jiao Jiao.……get off by yourself.……”

Xue Jiao subconsciously looked at him. She met his forbearing, restrained and crazy eyes, suddenly blushed and her heart beat fiercely. She pushed open the door and ran away.

Lin Zhihua lowered the window and watched the back of Xue Jiao disappear from his sight. Then he reached out and took down the small box.

He gently opened it. A genuine leather wallet appeared in front of his eyes.

He reached out and gently touched his wallet, the corners of his mouth rising slightly.

His Jiao Jiao ah.

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