SAPPS Chapter 90

In the end, she was an experienced senior sister. In the next moment, Ding Hemei would give full play to the grade A light mecha, really deserving of her ID light mecha is the most carrying.

When countless crossbows and arrows attacked, Wei San could not hide completely. Within a moment, the mecha was already scarred.

Wei San frowned. Although the repair cost has been paid by a kind-hearted person, she still felt distressed. The mecha was not hot in her hands yet.

Another wave of crossbows and arrows came, and Wei San took back her knife directly and didn’t resist again.

“Is she crazy? !”

“Is this the rhythm of giving up resistance? The seniors’ repair cost is bleeding, hahaha.”

“As a reminder to everyone that Wei San followed Professor Chen Ci in class and even plans to compete for the shooter of the school team.”

The onlookers suddenly became silent. They all forgot that Wei San could also play shooting.

Although senior sister Ding’s use of crossbows and arrows was not bad, it only required a course for light mecha. She was not a shooter, but depended on high speeds to create killing blows. However, she has not been able to approach Wei San from the start, so she could only use ordinary crossbows and arrows to attack.

Sure enough, the right arm of Wei San on the battlefield raised and several bullets were fired. Each shot was aimed at Ding Hemei’s crossbow and collided with the other.

More than that, every time Wei San shot out in a circle, she got closer to Ding Hemei. In the end, the other party was still trying to avoid the bullet. She had already approached and her knife was clamped across Ding Hemei’s neck.

“Senior sister, I won.”

Ding Hemei: “……”

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There was silence amongst the onlookers, and then there was much discussion.

“Sheesh, this move is too cruel.”

“This move has been used by Wei San on Teacher Chen Ci.”

“No wayyy, how did teacher Chen Ci break it?”

“Teacher Chen Ci fired a second round of bullets, and Wei San knelt directly on her knees.”

“Hahahaha, she’s truly worthy of being teacher Chen Ci!”

“In other words, the level of Wei San is good enough to enter the school team.”

“I think as a shooter it should be fine .”

“Are the freshmen all so fierce now? It’s fine if she’s grade S, I didn’t expect that a grade A freshman is also so powerful. Us seniors are so ashamed.”

Ding Hemei jumped down from the mecha and wiped her sweat: “You’re really strong. Then let’s form a team for the school team.” Then she turned and left graciously.

The protagonists of the game all left, and the onlookers dispersed.

Wei San hurriedly caught up with the former senior student and said simply: “Kind-hearted person, repair fee.”

Senior brother: “.……turn on your light brain and I’ll transfer to you.”

Finally, Wei San left with satisfaction.

For the first battle today, Wei San won another title of “To be selected shooter” among grade A students.


After class on Friday, Wei San was just ready to lie down and rest when Jin Ke knocked at the door again.

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