SOOEW Chapter 348 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game I

This was something she was only now surprised by. Although he hasn’t been able to help much, after the last world awakened him, Wen Ying suddenly understood z942121. If she had been doing the task alone, she would undoubtedly feel very lonely. After many tasks, she finally understood why there were fallen envoys. Perhaps they were tired of completing the task and wanted to settle down in a certain world, but at the same time, the reward and gift given by God could not be separated, so they would put all their eggs in one basket and refuse to return the power of faith, which would be used as the “halo” for settling down after losing memory.

But this was equivalent to “stealing”. The lord god couldn’t tolerate it, so she appeared.

But in essence, what she wanted to do was not much different from the fallen envoy, so she may become a fallen envoy in the process of endless tasks. If someone remembered what she has done and accompanied her quietly on the way, even if they don’t play any role, it was a necessary and special existence for her, reducing the long sense of loneliness in the journey of time and space.

“Ollie.” He replied.

“Yi!” she said, “Oreo? It suits you!” In the 21st century, it was a brand of sandwich biscuits, with black and white colors.

He didn’t seem to understand what she said, but he knew she didn’t pronounce it right, so he elucidated it to her word by word, “Ollie.”

“I see, little Ollie.”

“…… Ollie.” He repeated stubbornly.

“O-llie.” In the process of repetition, she rubbed his angry ears and said with a smile, “Let’s go, little Ollie.”

Ollie: “……”

When she opened her eyes again, she appeared in a room with an elegant style. The overall color was maple leaf yellow. The furniture was stable and atmospheric, but it did not appear too luxurious. From it, she could also see the character of the owner.

In front of her was a computer with VR glasses simulating 3D scenes. After wearing it, people would feel immersed when playing games. Before the advent of the holographic game connector, it was the supreme existence in the hearts of many players.

——Different from holographic online games, it still needed keyboard keys to control the characters.

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Wen Ying put on her VR glasses and a message popped up in front of the screen.

“Fuyi, the warehouse secretly ordered ‘blood drinking crazy sand’, immediately take the materials to the front line for support.”

“Fuyi” was the original owner’s online game ID.

At the same time, another more concise message came, “Flying snow, secret order ‘take poison wine yourself’, speed up.”

“Flying snow” was also the original owner’s online game ID.

That’s right, the original owner played a spy role, and she was a very successful spy.

In the keyboard version of the game “Compete for the World”, there were three major cities in the China region: Heifeng, Wushuang and Fentian. This was the final battle of the keyboard online game, because soon, the game company announced that the holographic online game will be launched. Therefore, in order to establish the real king and make the game that was about to exit the era have an ending, the game company issued the announcement of “the final battle” and arranged a vast battlefield for many city owners to fight, deciding the outcome and dominating the world!

By now, there were only three cities left.

The game character she controlled was the wife of the Lord of Feitian city, while Flying Snow was the wife of the Lord of Heifeng city.

But actually——

The third message popped up. Compared with the previous message that was filled with anxiety because of the stalemate of the war situation, the other party appeared colder and calmer, with only two short words: “Message.” This was the third family, Wushuang city. It was the main city established by the person who the original owner liked, and it was also the camp she really worked for.

She only needed to provide him with the secret order to win his favor and quit the battle.

After a short pause, Wen Ying typed out a reply one by one on the keyboard.



Only the last message, she didn’t reply.

The three city masters were all mission targets. What the original master did would obviously make them angry. At this time, it was absolutely impossible for her to stop.

Since she has to be this spy——then she should make it vigorous and unforgettable forever!

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