WFILTU Chapter 457 – Prize V

Chen Yan sat next to Lin Zhihua. Sitting in front was the driver and assistant Tan Qi.

“President Xu invites you to play golf in his villa this afternoon.”

“Who will be there?”

“Huaming’s President Zhen and Yixia’s President Gao……”

“Ok, just say I’ll go.”

“There are no arrangements for the evening. At 9 o’clock tomorrow morning, Manager Xu of City C and Manager Zhou of City W will come to report their work. Manager Tian will come to see you at noon tomorrow. There are no arrangements for the afternoon tomorrow. Do you want to have a meeting with the project department and the planning department?”


“Ok.” Chen Yan nodded.

The car stopped at the door of the company. Tan Qi got off and opened the door.

Lin Zhihua got out of the car but didn’t hurry to go. He slowly took out a wallet, opened it slowly and treasuredly, and then took out a hundred yuan from it: “Go and buy me a pen.”

Tan Qi: “……” ? ? ?

What kind of thing? ? ?

Chen Yan came forward, took the money and handed it to Tan Qi. He asked blandly, “Boss, this wallet is very nice.”

“Jiao Jiao gave it to me.”

Lin Zhihua finished and smiled with satisfaction. Then he put away his wallet and walked to the company.

Chen Yan followed respectfully.

Tan Qi: “……”? ? ?

Holding a hundred dollars rigidly, does he really have to buy a pen?? Wasn’t there a couple of big boxes in the company??

Looking at the full opening of the aura from the boss ahead, and the Chen Yan who respectfully followed ……

I really have to learn……

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When Xue Jiao arrived at the laboratory, Chu Sheng was already there. She had just put down her bag when Zheng Jiakun came in.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning.”

“By the way, two people in your mathematics department came to me last night. Their names are Ge Donglin and Zeng Bin.” Chu Sheng suddenly spoke up.

Xue Jiao frowned slightly. Weren’t they the two people who stopped her the day before yesterday?

“What do they want from you?”

Chu Sheng was confused: “They said they wanted to join our project.”

“What did you say?” Zheng Jiakun took out his pen and book while putting his school bag away.

Chu Sheng shook his head: “They said that joining us can help us a lot. They want to ask us what the project is and what needs to be done. They also said that they will have a whole year to do the project right away. They have more time than us and can help us more…….”

“But they are from the mathematics department. Why do they want to join us?” Zheng Jiakun frowned.

At this time, a person came to the door with a loud voice——

“Which math guy wants to join you? !”

Chu Sheng’s eyes brightened. He smiled and shouted, “Hello, Professor Jin!”

Compared with Chu Sheng’s surprised voice, Zheng Jiakun was numb on his back: “Hello, Professor Jin…….”

Xue Jiao also smiled and called, “Good morning, Professor Jin.”

“Not as good as you!” Professor Jin waved her hands.

She went to the middle of the classroom, glaring at Zheng Jiakun: “I didn’t come to find you, what are you afraid of? Can I beat you nonetheless?”

Zheng Jiakun: “……”

Looking at Zheng Jiakun’s embarrassed face, Xue Jiao couldn’t help laughing.

As they all know, when Zheng Jiakun was halfway through his experiment and suddenly said he would go to take the Mathematics Department for the college entrance examination, Professor Jin asked twice in shock and confirmed that Zheng Jiakun was serious……

He took off his shoes in public and planned to beat Zheng Jiakun.

Professor Jin said bitterly, “If you want to stay in the mathematics department, then stay in the mathematics department. Anyway, you’re a sophomore now and it’s not easy to change your major.”

When he finished, he suddenly looked at Xue Jiao with a smile.

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