SAPPS Chapter 91

“Disturbing people’s dreams, the heavens shall break you.” Wei San leaned against the door to cool off.

“Five thousand star coins.” Jin Ke stretched out a hand.

Wei San shook her head: “The price has increased.”

“Here’s 50,000.” Jin Ke then squeezed in and laid directly on the lower bed next to her.

Thinking of today’s exceptionally generous Jin Ke, Wei San finally asked out of humanitarianism, “What’s the matter with you?”

Jin Ke closed his eyes: “Tired.”

Wei San sat on her bed and boarded the Rubik’s cube forum. After a while, a sentence suddenly appeared: “A man can’t say they’re tired.”

Jin Ke was angry: “Wei San, you have no heart!”

“When will the next Hephaestus competition start?” Wei San asked seriously. No matter how dull she was, she noticed that everyone in the school began to get nervous.

“The end of March and the beginning of April.” Jin Ke grabbed his hair. “This competition is coming to an end. There should be results at the weekend. Teacher they.……I just came back from replay, the Imperial Military Academy.……I don’t know.”

His eyebrows and eyes showed some impatience: “The commander of the next competition is definitely him. No matter how many times I watch that battle, I can’t advance the way he has.”

“Aren’t there four sessions? If you can’t beat this one, there are still three sessions.” Wei San doesn’t think losing is a disgrace at all. As long as there was progress.

Jin Ke doesn’t know why he always liked to run to Wei San. Obviously, she couldn’t comfort anyone.

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“The school broadcasts the finals live during the weekend. We can see the pictures of all the military academies at Beiwang building. Would you like to go with me?” Jin Ke asked her.

“I won’t be going.” Wei San was still thinking about upgrading to L3.

“You have something to do on the weekend?”

“I have something.” Wei San thought and said, “I can’t watch it on Saturday. I can come back early on Sunday.”

Jin Ke had a little regret: “After going in on Saturday, the Beiwang building will be blocked. You can’t come in. You can only watch the live broadcast on the school intranet.”

The intranet only had the perspective of Damocles military academy.

“It’s good enough if I can take a look.” Wei San didn’t care. Looking at the communication news, she suddenly asked Jin Ke, “Will you go back to 3212 star during winter vacation? I’ll go back and see my teacher and teacher’s wife.”

“Winter vacation?” Jin Ke shook his head. “I won’t go back. You can’t go back after you choose to become the shooter. We have to train together.”

Wei San: “……”

Then she could only ask teacher and the teacher’s wife if they wanted to come.

“There is actually no bonus for such a big game.” Wei San shook her head, stretched out her hand and opened the forum. As soon as her eyes coagulated, someone had sent a message to her.

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