SOOEW Chapter 349 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game II

The “final battle” was initiated by the government. Taking the city as the unit, they can win by pulling the flag of others’ towers. This battle will establish the king standing at top of the game world, and also determine whether the passionate players can draw a perfect end for their keyboard online games. Therefore, the battle was particularly fierce. The channel was full of comments. The screen swiped at a rate of 10 per second, because people had no time to read, most of them were voice chats. Even so, they couldn’t be heard.

Besides the game channel, in addition to the magical attack skills, the intensity of the battle was almost the same as that of the real ancient war. The sound of fighting resounded through the sky, the call of the long wind, the hunting with flags, and the skills covering the sky collided with each other, taking away countless white lights. This is a game without revival. If you die, you will never be revived in this game. You can only watch the highlights of others from the perspective of historical bystanders in the channel.

This was a curtain call battle.

The setting of the game company has undoubtedly aroused people’s solemn and stirring hearts, putting aside the mentality of the players, and they fought with a desperate mentality to defend their city.

However, small cities were far inferior to big cities in terms of number of people and materials. At the beginning, they were ruthlessly crushed by the wheel of “history”. Even if they fought tenaciously, they would not last long. Finally, there were only three big cities left. Among the three cities, the “wolf of the desert”, the leader of Wushuang City, has always been known for his cold temperance. Although the leader of Heifeng city “Duhuo” and the leader of Tianfen city “Prince Long” were also independent, they still had some intersection with the leader of Wushuang city. They made an alliance and attacked Wushuang City first!

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The two big cities worked together, and the border defense positions of Wushuang city were quickly broken down. The momentum was like splitting bamboo all the way, directly under the walls of Wushuang city!

The leader of Wushuang City stood on the tower and they could not see the expression on his face.

His assistant behind him was very anxious. “City Lord, hasn’t that side replied yet? The original plan was to get a secret order to destroy their warehouse. If she still doesn’t act again, I’m afraid it will be too late——”

“The Wolf of the Desert” looked down the stairs of the city. The dark crowd brought great pressure to his side. After a short time of thinking, he decided to order: “Change to the second plan.”


Seeing that his deputy hurried down to deliver information to everyone, he opened the private chat channel and sent a message: No secret order is needed.

People in the city didn’t know what was happening on the tower. The two armies pressed the mirror, and the commander took the lead.

“Desert, it’s a waste of your eyes. Have you ever thought about today?” The former “Prince Long” jumped onto the chariot, pointed at the other side with a red tassel gun in line with his arm, and said with a laugh, “Exciting! I will take your Wushuang city, become a king and defeat the enemy!”

“Duhuo” glanced at his temporary companions and chuckled, “Do you have to enter the game so much like this? Don’t talk so much nonsense——” He waved to the people behind him, “attack the city!”

When Prince Long had enough of the game, he didn’t bother with him. With a wave of his long arm, his voice sounded in the channel, pressuring everyone “Fight!”

The black armor met the red armor head on, like cinnabar dissolving in black ink. The turbulent crowd beat the twin cities like waves, almost engulfing the towers. At the same time, someone behind “Duhuo” reported: “City master, madam is coming!”

As his voice fell, a beautiful woman came out of the team and came to the forefront.

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