SAPPS Chapter 92

Recently, Wei San didn’t have much time to visit the Rubik’s cube forum. Before, there was real mecha training. In addition, due to the tight time, she didn’t want to log in. Now, as soon as she went into the forum, she actually received a message.

Before clicking in, she was still thinking that it might be a system message. After clicking, she found that it was sent by a living person. The other party’s ID was River Master. The head was a furry animal. It looked strangely cute.

[Hello, did you make this mecha? It’s very powerful. Can we communicate with each other in the future?]

There was a picture attached, which was the mecha she made casually before. To tell the truth, she felt it was ugly.

.……cute avatars, brainless boasting, and later communicating with the other.

With a serious face, Wei San looked at the message sent by the other party, and then saw that she couldn’t see the gender avatar. She suddenly realized that she might have met a love swindler!

It turned out that in this world, there were online love swindlers? Doesn’t this person look at her ID?

Wei San lifted her hand and sent out a message: [Do you know that I’m broke? Dirt poor!]

She was in a precarious state of life. It was crazy that someone tried to cheat her out of money.

After Wei San pulled the person into the black list, her heart calmed down and she turned to look at Jin Ke: “Remember to lock the door when you wake up.”

“Where are you going?”

“Flipping over the wall.” Wei San left this sentence and went out.

The underground factory was open 24 hours a day, and there were still people battling at night. Wei San wanted to upgrade first tonight and earn 500,000 star coins, so she could feel a little relieved.

As soon as she entered the third floor underground, the atmosphere was obviously different. There were no more people talking together. There were many single people, and only three people at most. Wei San went according to the assigned challenge arena number.

The range of this challenge arena was several times larger than the second floor. The audience was no longer standing under the challenge arena, but on it.

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When Wei San came to the stage, she looked around and felt that the challenge arena on the third floor of the underground was somewhat like a colosseum. The audience here needed to buy tickets, not from the underground factory, but there were not many spectators on her side. Even the referee said that she was not interesting at the beginning.

The mecha standing opposite had been completely transformed, and all weapons have been strengthened. Wei San still used the colorful mecha with a pair of machetes bought at a high price. She has to say that this knife was of good quality. At least every time she cut it on her opponent, the blade won’t roll.


The opponent was a heavy mecha. The ion cannon seemed to blast without money. Wei San couldn’t get close at all. She could only wander around the challenge arena and hide.

These shells hit the protective net around the challenge arena, shaking the protective net.

The more so, the more Wei San could see the weakness of her opponent: not accurate enough.

The attack was so easy for her that it was much more difficult in the simulation training room before.

“Ai, is the person on the stage getting closer and closer?” I didn’t get the ticket of my favorite contestant, so I bought it casually. The audience in the challenge area pestled the friend next to the pestle.

Her friend was watching the competition in another challenge arena area. He looked up and said perfunctorily, “yes.” What’s good about hiding all the time.

“They’re really close.” The audience became interested and stood up and stared at the player called ‘Bowing to Life’.

Bypassing each attack, the opponent was obviously a little disorderly. The ion cannon was obviously fast and urgent, but he watched Wei San jump over suddenly.

“Damn it!”

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