SOOEW Chapter 350 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game III

This was the character design of Leji in the game. She had a slim figure and a beautiful appearance, but was different from other female players. She wore a unique snow white outfit in the game. Her attire was long sleeved with ice crystals flying around. The most peculiar thing was that if she waved her sleeves, she could leave traces of light on the ground, just like the snow blown by the wind, which deemed her temperament more dusty.

“You came.”

In front of the screen, “Duhuo” picked up the cup next to the computer and took a sip of black coffee to relax a little, which showed his trust in her. He operated the keyboard with one hand. “Have the supplies been sent to everyone?”

The materials in his mouth were medicine bottles such as hp and mana replenishers. His personal backpack was always limited. Players of low level would be lost even if they appear on the battlefield. Being responsible for logistics would be a great combat power. However, the original owner has a general level of game operation and a high ability to take care of help. She was naturally responsible for logistics.

“It has been sent.” She approached.

“Ok, when the two cities are conquered, I’m afraid we will start a war with Tianfen. Now that we are ready, let’s wait…….”

He was an alchemist with long and loose hair, dressed in a robe. He suddenly fell back on the ground, with a cold dagger in his stomach.

This was a special setting of the game, which would let the seriously injured person fall to the ground without turning into white light, indicating that he still has residual blood. The people in the rear did not know what had happened. They only saw the commander’s blood strip suddenly pulled to the end, leaving only 5%. The treatment team should add blood and reduce blood for him immediately.

However, countless healing skills were thrown on him. The white light flickered, but there was no recovery in his blood volume.

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“The dagger was smeared with phosphorescent poison.” He was clearly aware of this. His character was an alchemist, and he specialized in the direction of poison. Phosphorescent poison was his original creation, refined with extremely precious herbs. He wanted to give it to her for self-defense. Whether it was in a broken defense or a negative state, it could be called the top poison in the game. The most unique point was that the skill of the healing department was useless to re add blood. To resist it, they can only drink the medicine themselves, but when he was most unprepared, she pierced his vital point, and the amount of blood lost was far behind what he could catch up to by drinking medicine.

With only 2% of the character’s blood left, at the angle of the character’s vision, looking at the woman who is floating like an immortal in front of her, “Why……”

Before he had finished his words, the commanding leader of Heifeng city had turned into a white light and disappeared.

At the moment he disappeared, the world channel exploded!

“What the fuck, no way, sister-in-law? ! ! !”

“What do you fucking call sister-in-law for, Feixue, you [beep——], I [beep——]”

“Hahahahaha too exciting, Heifeng city’s madam mutinied, my mother! ! !”

“The great drama of the year that goes down in the annals of history! To see such a drama, I can die in peace! ! !”

The channel’s heckling and invective had no effect on the woman before the battle, but the guild members who participated in the battle were also angry and immediately targeted her with attack skills. When they pressed the use button, they received a prompt that “companions can’t attack each other”, so that they could only watch this woman walk step by step towards the camp of Fentian city.

“Boss, what happened? You arranged it?”

Seeing that the other side had killed the Allied Commander, then the person walked towards his own side so calmly that in that second, they did not know whether she was a friend or enemies and dared not attack. After all, the alliance was only temporary. Sooner or later, there would be a war. Now that the Lord of Heifeng city was dead, it was obvious that they had picked up a bargain.

They went to ask Prince Long, who was also confused, “There is no such thing among the people who climbed to the top……wait, Fuyi? !”

As the woman walked, she brushed the skin behind her ears. The long sleeves covered her face. As the snow-white sleeves fell slowly, the face of the character also changed. Her snow skin and beautiful appearance, blue eyes and drunk cheeks were more charming than the cold snow. When she brushed her clothes, her eyes looked like it was flying, and the waves of light flowed.

This was also the unique setting of the game “chasing deer in the world”. When switching accounts, it was presented with the effect of “Yirong”, which seemed particularly realistic.

Seeing up to here, people from both Heifeng and Fentian took in a breath of cold air.


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