WFILTU Chapter 460 – Argument II

Xue Jiao had a complicated mood. On the one hand, she was naturally very excited, but on the other hand, she felt vaguely flustered and felt that she was not worthy of this honor.

This erratic mood made her entire person become impetuous, but it was the mood that must be overcome, at this time, Chu Sheng came over and slapped Xuejiao on the shoulder: “Good job! Ah ah ah ah, that’s Chen Sheng Shen! Gu Xuejiao, why are you so powerful! !”

Zheng Jiakun also smiled, gave two thumbs up, and then said with a smile: “Gu Xuejiao, you are great, and I will also try hard to catch up with you!”

Xue Jiao embarrassedly smiled and said softly, “Let’s start.”

Zheng Jiakun raised his eyes: “Such a big surprise, you still have time to ponder physics?”

“We still have to start.” She paused. “We can’t do nothing just because I won a prize.”

Xue Jiao grinned. Two rows of neat white teeth were exposed, and her eyes were shining.

Zheng Jiakun unconsciously followed with a smile, and then silently praised the junior sister.

When people are young, they seldom think long-term. Now they see glory, but they can’t rely on a lifetime of honor. Life was like sailing against the current. If you don’t advance, you will fall back.

She had this quality. Even if she was honored, she still remembered her responsibilities and cherished every minute at this moment.

This was a rare quality and a necessary condition for reaching the top of the mountain.

Zheng Jiakun approached and talked to them——

“Where is the magnetic field meter?”

“It’s in the cupboard on your right. Look for it.”

“Oh, oh ok, I see.”

“By the way, Senior sister Zhang Han said yesterday.……”


In the lab, work continued.

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The impact of winning the prize on Xue Jiao is that the return rate is higher, and she has heard her own name on the radio many times.

In addition, there were more media interviews. Xue Jiao doesn’t always accept interviews, only those who were under the arrangement of Professor Tan. She accepted interviews with the school, and then they would ask her to take some photos at the school gate with her certificate.

Probably because it was approaching the end of the term and the project was still in a fog, Xue Jiao was in a hurry every day and was not affected by “reputation”.

“Yesterday, the senior sister and brother of the mathematics department came to me again, saying they had to join the project…….” Chu Sheng sighed and said while drawing a picture.

Xue Jiao wondered slightly: “Ge Donglin and Zeng Bin?”

“En, it’s them. This time they are coming on stronger than last time.”

Zheng Jiakun shook his head. “There’s no need. There are enough people for our project now. We Are covered on the physics front and Gu Xuejiao and I can cover the mathematics aspect. Others won’t work.”

He said no, which simply meant that it was not suitable for the project.

Chu Sheng nodded and agreed. He was already entangled with those two people, but at the end, they were from the Department of Mathematics, so he should still listen to Zheng Jiakun and Xue Jiao’s meaning.

Seeing that the two people didn’t want them to join, he relaxed and said, “alright, I will directly refuse them next time.”

From nearby, Gu Xuejiao shouted, “Chu Sheng, senior brother, come and take a look at this!”

“Coming!” They hurried to her side.

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