SAPPS Chapter 93

The man in the mecha cabin looked at the approaching Wei San and hurriedly manipulated the mecha panel to try to stop her from approaching.

“Slowed down?” The audience looked at the man on the stage, Bowing to Life who didn’t get close to the last step. They thought she was blocked. They were disappointed. It was really an ordinary challenge arena and didn’t look good.

However, in the next second, Bowingto Life, with a machete in her hand suddenly became longer, and directly cut off a cannon barrel from the other party’s shoulder.

It took the audience a long time to react. Her machetes were equipped with chains and could be retracted.

Wei San held a machete handle in her left arm, with a long chain in the middle and a machete near her head. She shook it. The new weapon felt good. Sure enough, it’s worth every penny. Although it’s not as good as a blood drop light knife, it’s enough for upgrading.

She was still thinking about cutting the other later, yet the other party was scared out of the challenge arena first.

Wei San: “? ? ?”

The other party ran away.

[congratulations to bowing to life for successfully upgrading to L3, star coin x500,000, points x1,000,000]

Wei San came out of the mecha and disappeared without comprehension.

She didn’t know that the other party was finally promoted to L3 yesterday. They had heard of the notorious reputation of Bowing to Life on the second floor of the underground before, but he didn’t remember it at first. At the moment when she cut off the barrel, the other party suddenly remembered what this ID meant. It was a freak who likes to play with people!

The other party was immediately discouraged. There were plenty of opportunities to upgrade. If he was played by this abnormal person, his psychology will leave a shadow.

“The battle was over just like this?” Looking down at the audience of another challenge arena, seeing that the arena was empty, he turned to ask his friend next to him.

“It’s over.” The friend next to him was stunned. As soon as he became interested, someone on the stage took the initiative to admit defeat. Originally, she wanted to see what ability this person, Bowing to Life, had.

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The challenge arena area on the third floor of the underground of the underground factory was open to the outside world. Anyone could come in to watch the game with enough money to buy the tickets, and they could choose the players they liked to watch. However, popular players and hot tickets would be hard to buy. The players have to go through the L0 to L2 stage. All their game videos could be seen by the audience, as long as the audience was willing to pay.

The spectator in the auditorium now had a strong interest in Bowing to Life. He opened the underground factory payment platform, entered his ID, and bought a game of her L2 level.

He was used to the ferocious play on the third floor underground, and the second floor could be considered very gentle.


The audience member looked down at the video on his light brain and his lips twitched. Was this kind of play too coquettish.

Although it was coquettish, he was excited. The audience member continued to indulge in buying videos and watching them. Even his friends nearby wanted to leave, yet he was reluctant to part with his light brain and sighed as he walked: “Pervert ah!”

Wei San didn’t know she still had such commercial value. She earned 500,000 after playing a game. She was satisfied, spent her points to rent the cheapest room to rest, and continued to visit the third floor underground the next day.

The third underground floor was more commercial than the first two floors. Everything you could think of could be seen here. Wei San would not buy anything when she saves money, but she found that the points here could be used as star coins.

Because there was a scoreboard from L3, the top 50 were L4 and L5, and the last 150 were L3 masters. As long as they entered the top 200 of the championship, players would have the opportunity to be solicited by various forces behind them and find their backers. In the future, they don’t have to pay for their own mecha expenses.

Wei San was not interested in backers, but her goal was the top 50. It was said that that level could exchange resources and materials.

L3 does not have the previous cross level challenge. There are many random PK pools. The level in each pool is fixed, from how many rankings to how many rankings. Only when the score reaches the maximum specified in the random pool can it be automatically transferred to another random pool.

Wei San was currently in the lowest level of random pool.

After all this, Wei San didn’t rush to compete, otherwise the damage to the mecha would be another expense. She went offline and ran to see others compete.

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